I felt the uncontrollable urge to knit something lacy so I cast on some cashmere and am making this little scarf. It is supposed to be a shawl but I don’t have enough of this yarn so I’ve converted the pattern into a scarf sized width. I’ve also decided to make 5 stitch nupps instead of 7 in an effort to save more yarn. I am making pretty good progress so far.

I’ve also been working on Sean’s sweaters in drips and drabs. Here is a picture of it in progress from last week.

I spent the weekend replanting my tomato and pepper plants and now my little vegetable garden needs to be shown in not one but two pictures.



There is not too much going on knit-wise to show pictures of at the moment. The Bean’s sweater is getting close to completion. That will be a finished object to show off soon.

Not so long ago I bought myself a new knitting book about designing sweaters, Knitwear Design Workshop by Shirley Paden. I’m finding it excellent as it shows you how to do a lot of the math (which is good if you want to make patterns with multiple sizes). It also shows you how to design for different sweater body types, sleeves, necklines, collars etc as well as skirts and dressed amoung other things. It should be an excellent resource. One of my favorite things this book includes is all the measurements you should take and how exactly to take them. It also seems very well suited to my learning style which is both visual and very logical.

Dinner on Thursday was an experiment that turned out excellent! We had lamb chops that were soaked in red wine overnight and then patted in Madras seasoning for a crust and seared before being put in the oven. Since madras seasoning is spicy I made a nice cooling mango pineapple salsa with tomato, onion and fresh cilantro. The vegies were potatoes, carrots, onion and raisins with fennel, mustard and coriander seeds amoung other spices. The lamb was extremely tender.

The tomato plants are growing like weeds. I think it might be time to transplant them!

Some Piper cuteness. She insisted on keeping her “hat” on for the photo shoot.

too little, too big

Bean’s sweater has been assembled and the stitches have been picked up for the hood. Basket Casey was the first model for the sweater on Saturday but she is a little too small and Cuddles, the second model, is a little too big as you can see.

I’ve also cast on for the back of Sean’s sweater. Here is a little peak at the swatch I made to help me figure out how many stitches I need to cast on. It has bee tweaked only slightly for the actual version on my needles. I’m glad I’m starting now if I need to be done by Christmas.


It has been a day of drizzle and sometimes flat out rain but mostly drizzle. The little reminders that bring you back to home for a few minutes in your head.

The long weekend was a good one with lots of sunshine and warmth. Sunday we had an Easter brunch to go to and I was responsible for dessert. I made the Gateau Basque out of Anne Stewart’s Canada (same book that had the butter tart recipe) with the sauteed apple filling. Sadly I didn’t take a picture of it at the time but since the recipe makes for more than one I made up another one today and did remember to take a picture of the finished product.

Monday I decided to bake some sourdough bread with caramelized onions and aged cheddar. I had some for dinner that night in sandwich form and for lunch yesterday.

I cut up some strawberries this evening and am marinating them in red wine and a bit of sugar. They should be very tasty!

I am still plugging away at Bean’s sweater. I have finished the second sleeve and in the process of assembling all the pieces together so I can pick up around the neck and knit the hood.

On Saturday Sean and I headed down to the Purple Purl to pick out some yarn for his Christmas sweater. He’s decided he wants cables and picked out a lovely green yarn. I’ve assembled a bunch of different stitch patterns together and now I just need to block it so I can get the measurements I need to start plugging in the numbers for the sweater.

I also need to go stash diving to find a suitable yarn for my Dad’s Christmas socks this year and then I need to decide on a stitch motif. I might hold off on that until I get some accurate measurements of his legs to help ensure the socks will stay up or I could just do cables or some other stiff-ish pattern like I did for last years.

tomato and pepper plants

I’ve decided to have another container garden on my balcony this year only this time I’m going to start some of the plants from scratch. I got a package of mixed heirloom tomato seeds and have to wait to find out which plants will be red, orange, yellow, green zebra stripes or black tomatoes. They are about a month old right now and you can see some of the differences between the tomato plants. The main difference is that some have the typical jagged tomato leaf you would expect to see and some of them are smooth leaves! They are starting to smell like tomato plants.

I also have chili pepper plants that are growing and are also almost a month old as well as some little seedlings popping up that will be mini purple peppers for containers.

I have bought purple beans that I’ll plant when it is warm enough to plant outside. They’ll be staggered so that there will always be a small supply of beans available. I also bought zucchini plants that don’t require pollination to grow fruit, scarlet runner and container carrots. There are also going to be the following herbs: thai basil, cinnamon basil, rosemary, spearmint and thyme. Luckily Sean is also going to let me use his balcony so I should have enough room for a good supply of vegetables.

Here is my little garden all together as it stands now.

Pizza Night

Tonight was pizza night and it turned out better than usual. The crust has a third red fife flour, fresh chopped basil, chopped chili’s and is made with Innis & Gunn beer instead of water (had some leftovers lying around and couldn’t bring myself to waste). The toppings were chicken, red peppers, yellow hot Hungarian peppers, basil leaves, caramelized onions and Parmesan cheese. Needless to say it was excellent and is the best dough to date.