tomato and pepper plants

I’ve decided to have another container garden on my balcony this year only this time I’m going to start some of the plants from scratch. I got a package of mixed heirloom tomato seeds and have to wait to find out which plants will be red, orange, yellow, green zebra stripes or black tomatoes. They are about a month old right now and you can see some of the differences between the tomato plants. The main difference is that some have the typical jagged tomato leaf you would expect to see and some of them are smooth leaves! They are starting to smell like tomato plants.

I also have chili pepper plants that are growing and are also almost a month old as well as some little seedlings popping up that will be mini purple peppers for containers.

I have bought purple beans that I’ll plant when it is warm enough to plant outside. They’ll be staggered so that there will always be a small supply of beans available. I also bought zucchini plants that don’t require pollination to grow fruit, scarlet runner and container carrots. There are also going to be the following herbs: thai basil, cinnamon basil, rosemary, spearmint and thyme. Luckily Sean is also going to let me use his balcony so I should have enough room for a good supply of vegetables.

Here is my little garden all together as it stands now.


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