We are on vacation at a cottage this week and don’t have the cable to attach the camera to the computer so I think we are out of luck in the picture department. We are at a very swanky cottage that has it’s own little one acre island. It also has satellite TV (which so far has been staying off), internet, a huge massive BBQ with three burners that make BBQ beer chicken fabulously easy and tasty, a well-equipped kitchen, a pontoon boat, a fire pit and the friendliest chipmunks in the world. (Pictures will follow when we are back home or if I find out Sean remembered the cable for his camera.)

The island is a bit small for nice walks, however it is great because we don’t really have any neighbours that would annoy us. It feels nice and isolated even though it really isn’t.

There has been lots of food and all of it good. Saturday night we had venison sausages, Sunday was steaks, Monday was BBQ beer chicken, Tuesday was pizza on the BBQ and today will probably be beef ribs unless we decide to go into town today. Tomorrow for Canada Day we will be having burgers.

I finished the back of Sean’s aran sweater in the car ride and the first night we spent here and have started on the front. I also brought the border for the Queen Ring Shawl and have finally completed 10 repeats (of the 208 that need to be completed). The pattern is starting to become intuitive to me so I’m not always looking at the chart and now when I make a mistake or drop stitches I can easily fix it without having to rip all the way back to my lifeline. The first five repeats were the hardest to do but now I can whip through a pattern repeat easily enough. Hopefully this means I will start making some progress but I’m sure all the Christmas knitting I need to do will slow me down on the shawl.


while waiting for coffee to brew

This morning Piper and I went to look at our container garden. The tomato plants are doing very well and have beautiful flowers on them. The purple container bell peppers have the prettiest little purple-white flowers and the chili pepper plant has chili’s (although those pictures all came out a bit fuzzy).

Piper was the supervisor, watching while I took these pictures. She’s happy to do the job provided her travel cage is propped up on a chair and not on the dirty floor.

After all that hard work Piper had some lychee juice while I took pictures of some knitting.

I finally have three repeats of the lace edging for the Queen Ring Shawl. I don’t know why but it does seem to be giving me some difficulty. It is the first time I have employed lifelines in lace knitting and boy am I glad that I have. I pinned it out for this picture as best I could so you could get an idea of how pretty it will looked when the whole item is soaked and blocked.

And the back of Sean’s sweater is almost done as well. If I can keep this up it should be done in time for Christmas. Hmmm maybe I should go and knock on some would before I jinx myself.

Oh I think the coffee is ready and it’s calling my name.

the garden

Well it was not this past weekend but the weekend prior to that that my tomato and pepper plants all finally got planted in their “forever” pots. We went and got some drainage stone and some 20L plaster buckets for the tomatoes and the intermediate tomato pots are the pepper plant’s forever homes. The soil we picked up holds the water very nicely so it does not dry out to quickly. Sean and I each have 4 tomato plants on our balconies. 3 each of my heirloom seedlings, I have the black Tula a friend from work brought me and Sean has the San Marzano my work roommate grew from seedling. We also each have a chili pepper, two red peppers and 2 small purple container peppers.

After a little over a week of getting settled into their new pots they are all doing very well and seem to be growing like weeds!

The tomato plants on my balcony.

The purple container peppers.

The red peppers.

The chili pepper and a close up of one of its pretty flowers.