the garden

Well it was not this past weekend but the weekend prior to that that my tomato and pepper plants all finally got planted in their “forever” pots. We went and got some drainage stone and some 20L plaster buckets for the tomatoes and the intermediate tomato pots are the pepper plant’s forever homes. The soil we picked up holds the water very nicely so it does not dry out to quickly. Sean and I each have 4 tomato plants on our balconies. 3 each of my heirloom seedlings, I have the black Tula a friend from work brought me and Sean has the San Marzano my work roommate grew from seedling. We also each have a chili pepper, two red peppers and 2 small purple container peppers.

After a little over a week of getting settled into their new pots they are all doing very well and seem to be growing like weeds!

The tomato plants on my balcony.

The purple container peppers.

The red peppers.

The chili pepper and a close up of one of its pretty flowers.


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