while waiting for coffee to brew

This morning Piper and I went to look at our container garden. The tomato plants are doing very well and have beautiful flowers on them. The purple container bell peppers have the prettiest little purple-white flowers and the chili pepper plant has chili’s (although those pictures all came out a bit fuzzy).

Piper was the supervisor, watching while I took these pictures. She’s happy to do the job provided her travel cage is propped up on a chair and not on the dirty floor.

After all that hard work Piper had some lychee juice while I took pictures of some knitting.

I finally have three repeats of the lace edging for the Queen Ring Shawl. I don’t know why but it does seem to be giving me some difficulty. It is the first time I have employed lifelines in lace knitting and boy am I glad that I have. I pinned it out for this picture as best I could so you could get an idea of how pretty it will looked when the whole item is soaked and blocked.

And the back of Sean’s sweater is almost done as well. If I can keep this up it should be done in time for Christmas. Hmmm maybe I should go and knock on some would before I jinx myself.

Oh I think the coffee is ready and it’s calling my name.


One thought on “while waiting for coffee to brew

  1. Oh, interesting tomato flower; can’t wait to see what it produces!
    Your tomato plants in my garden are all producing lovely greenery and with some sunshine, the flowers should appear soon.

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