Canada Day

We had a whole flock of Canadian geese on our cottage island that kept coming back periodically throughout the day. They were very people shy, most likely because they had quite a large number of  young ones with them. Their first appearance was around noon and they kept coming back periodically throughout the day.

At just after 4pm I decided it was time to make our first attempt into the lake. We both changed into our bathing suits, grabbed our towels and went to the little beach they have to the back of the cottage. It was very shallow and had a lot of little rocks that made it very difficult to walk out far enough so that there was enough depth to properly submerge oneself. We gave up and decided to jump into the hot tub instead of allowing our feet to be massacred. The hot tub was a very good choice and was enjoyed with a bottle of Innis & Gunn.

The Canadian geese made another appearance as we were warming up the BBQ for dinner. I made homemade burgers with havarti cheese, orange tomatoes, roasted orange pepper, grilled onions and lettuce. We used pitas as the buns and it worked out wonderfully except for the cheeky chipmunks who would jump on the table and pilfer them when my back was turned to flip the burgers. Sean had to come and stand guard after the second time.We of course enjoyed dinner with a Canadian Cask edition of Innis & Gunn. They appear to make one every year in honour of Canada Day and it seems to become Sean and I’s tradition to have one of these on this important day (this would be our second year of said tradition). Desert was grilled pineapple and nectarine. I was very glad I only cut up four slices of pineapple because even though we were full it was so good that we both would have likely kept on eating it until it was gone!


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