tomatoes gone wild

All the plants are currently located at Sean’s place since they all needed to be in one place when we were on vacation and they are much to big to be moving around a lot now, so there they stay. They have taken over and claimed his balcony as their own.

Today I took a pair of heavy duty scissors over there (Sean does not own a pair) and did some serious pruning. There have been other attempts prior to today but there is only so much you can do with a pairing knife. Silly me forgot to take a picture prior to the hair cut so all the pictures are the after shots.

The majority of the tomato plants are at one end of the balcony. Except for the one that hangs out with the pepper plants. They rotate so they will all get some of the optimal space.

The chili peppers, red bell peppers (which are still green) and the purple container peppers are all doing very well. I will probably have to do a harvest of the chili peppers tomorrow. I will keep some in the fridge and then blender the rest and freeze them in small usable portions for fresh chili’s all winter long! I might do some research to see if there are other ways to preserve them as well. Still waiting to be able to pick the peppers from the other two types and getting impatient!

All but one of the tomato plants have beautiful tomatoes growing. The first picture shows my black tula tomatoes. I can’t wait til they change colour to see what they look like and taste like. The oblong ones are the San Marzano and will make delicious tomato paste or canned tomatoes. The rest are my mystery plants I started from seed and we will just have to wait and see what colour they become.

And here is a picture of the pruned branches to give you an idea for how much was taken off. I place the cuttings on top of the soil to act as mulch and to keep the soil of the tomato plants from drying out. It does seem to work quite well.

If the tomatoes keep doing so well I will have to hurry up and get some canning equipment so none of our produce will go to waste!


One thought on “tomatoes gone wild

  1. My tomato plants are all doing well, despite the wind we had yesterday; blew the corn over so it was all bowing eastward, but they are mostly upright today. One tomato plant blew to the ground. All are secured now and are doing so well, I have a second tomato cage attached to the top of the first one and a couple are growing half way up that one! There are lots of green tomatoes so I am still waiting for that first red tomato sandwich……

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