I finished knitting all five pieces of the sprossling sweater on Thursday so today I set out to block all the pieces before assembling and adding the edging for the collar and button bands.

Before I started I had some leftover pizza from last night with a homemade dipping sauce for my crusts. It was delicious.

I had these squares that supposedly form a child’s play mat (but really it’s huge and who can argue with under $30 when the “knitting” version is so much more expensive for the same square metreage) that I layed out on the floor. They are excellent because they are (a) not the floor and (b) can stick pins in them. Besides I barley even used half the blocks to lay out this sweater!

I covered the mat with a sheet just in case the mat colours may bleed. And then I pinned out the sweater pieces to the necessary dimensions.

This is the first lace sweater I have made and one of the few ones done in pieces. OH MY GOD. The amount of fiddly work necessary to get it all pinned out nearly drove me CRAZY. I loved knitting up this sweater but I can honestly say I hated the blocking part of it! Thank goodness I stopped by the LCBO on the way home and picked up a lovely bottle of wine since the bottle of my grandfathers wine (the bottle of Merlot in the picture below) that I popped open earlier this week was pretty much gone. It definitely made the blocking process much more tolerable.

Off topic: My lovely boyfriend brought me a gorgeous flowering plant yesterday and since it is so beautiful it deserves a picture on the blog. I love flowers!



This weekend we made tomato, onion and cheese omelets with our San Marzano (roma) tomatoes. They were delicious!

I also made some cranberry banana bread and shortbread with dried cranberries and chocolate chips this week. I only took pictures of the shortbread as the banana bread has already made an appearance on the blog.

There hasn’t been a lot of knitting updates because I have been mostly working on the Sprossling and there would only be a lot of the same to show you. I am nearly done as I have both sleeves, the back, and am completing the second half of the front. I have made a few modifications to this pattern (will post if they worked out) and here is hoping that they work out so I don’t have to rip back.


There have been a lot of good eats out in my little world, mostly revolving around tomatoes. Sadly I was having computer issues so I couldn’t blog about all the food over the weekend and had to wait until today.

Brownies were made last week and turned out excellent. I wrote the recipe down somewhere but now I can’t find it. If I find my recipe notes they will be in a future post in case you were interested in trying to make them. They aren’t as dense as most brownies but are still very good.

Before I finished off the last two pieces of pizza mentioned in the First Real Tomato of the Season post I remembered to take a picture of the pizza Sean made with our first ripened tomato from our container garden. It was delicious pizza.

This weekend another tomato ripened and we picked it and added it into our Sunday lunch sandwiches. The heirloom tomatoes are turning out to be very meaty and delicious.

Today’s lunch consisted of my first ripened Black Tula tomato. It was just this tomato cut up with bocconcini cheese on melba toast. It was delicious and this is coming from someone who typically will only eat tomatoes when cooked. But garden fresh tomatoes are just soooooo good! Wish I had a picture of it sliced up so you could have seen the inside! I will definitely be growing more Black Tula’s in the future as I loved the flavour of this one. I could have just eaten it plain.

First Real Tomato of the Season

Our first tomato has changed colour! It is one of the mystery tomato plants and it turned a vibrant orange. We picked it today and sliced it to go on our pizza for dinner tonight. We couldn’t resist a little taste of the ends that were hard to slice. Sooooooo delicious and sweet! There is no acidity and it is smooth. Luckily more of them are changing colour; one looks to be turning yellow and another has just started turning so it is hard to tell. Hopefully I will have pictures of those to show in the future.

Sprossling – the new obsession

I have been eyeballing the Sprossling sweater by Anne Hanson at Knitspot for quite some time but had managed to keep myself from purchasing it. Then I went to the Purple Purl for a Sunday afternoon. Well…… one of the other very nice ladies was knitting the Sprossling herself in the Tannis sportsweight yarn. It was lovely and well she is being schooled in enabling by the Stashoholic and well I may have bought the yarn right there. I did have a lot of help picking out the colour by modeling skeins under my chin. You know you have the right one when the entire room stops chatting to yell at you that it is the colour and that you really have to get that one.

It has been quite the joy to work on. I have the two sleeves done and have started on the back. I have been knitting on it exclusively since I cast-on.

3 years old

On July 26th (last Monday) it was Piper’s 3rd birthday! Piper is a big fan of birthdays, more so if they are hers but she likes all birthdays. On her first birthday I threw her a big party and we made parrot friendly curries which she happily ate off my plate (the only time she has ever been allowed to do that) and had a non-chocolate cake so she could have some as well. She got lots of toys and more importantly lot’s of attention. She also learned the word “birthday” and loved saying “birthday girl”.

The uncanny thing is when she starts pulling out the “birthday girl”. Usually January she starts using that phrase as a question to me. I have to tell her that it is not her birthday for another 6 months but that my birthday is coming up in next month. She has done that for the past two years seemingly on cue. She also about June-ish starts again with the “birthday girl?”. I tell her yes her birthday is coming up and that we will do something fun that day. This has also happened for the last two years.

This year the two of us had a quite little celebration.  Before I left for work I gave her her birthday present which was one of her favorite style of toys. They are a little on the pricey side but they are her favorite and she loves to destroy them. When I got home we (by we I mean I did all the work while she supervised or got into trouble) made vegetarian pizza, Piper’s most favorite food in the world. She got a huge chunk and happily snarfed it down!

On Saturday Sean brought her his birthday present. Another of her favorite kind of toy!