3 years old

On July 26th (last Monday) it was Piper’s 3rd birthday! Piper is a big fan of birthdays, more so if they are hers but she likes all birthdays. On her first birthday I threw her a big party and we made parrot friendly curries which she happily ate off my plate (the only time she has ever been allowed to do that) and had a non-chocolate cake so she could have some as well. She got lots of toys and more importantly lot’s of attention. She also learned the word “birthday” and loved saying “birthday girl”.

The uncanny thing is when she starts pulling out the “birthday girl”. Usually January she starts using that phrase as a question to me. I have to tell her that it is not her birthday for another 6 months but that my birthday is coming up in next month. She has done that for the past two years seemingly on cue. She also about June-ish starts again with the “birthday girl?”. I tell her yes her birthday is coming up and that we will do something fun that day. This has also happened for the last two years.

This year the two of us had a quite little celebration.  Before I left for work I gave her her birthday present which was one of her favorite style of toys. They are a little on the pricey side but they are her favorite and she loves to destroy them. When I got home we (by we I mean I did all the work while she supervised or got into trouble) made vegetarian pizza, Piper’s most favorite food in the world. She got a huge chunk and happily snarfed it down!

On Saturday Sean brought her his birthday present. Another of her favorite kind of toy!


2 thoughts on “3 years old

  1. These large hanging toys that usually have a wooden centre and strings hanging off of it that is loaded with tonnes of colourful chewables things like wood, shells etc. She loves destroying things and these toys are perfect for that.

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