Sprossling – the new obsession

I have been eyeballing the Sprossling sweater by Anne Hanson at Knitspot for quite some time but had managed to keep myself from purchasing it. Then I went to the Purple Purl for a Sunday afternoon. Well…… one of the other very nice ladies was knitting the Sprossling herself in the Tannis sportsweight yarn. It was lovely and well she is being schooled in enabling by the Stashoholic and well I may have bought the yarn right there. I did have a lot of help picking out the colour by modeling skeins under my chin. You know you have the right one when the entire room stops chatting to yell at you that it is the colour and that you really have to get that one.

It has been quite the joy to work on. I have the two sleeves done and have started on the back. I have been knitting on it exclusively since I cast-on.


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