There have been a lot of good eats out in my little world, mostly revolving around tomatoes. Sadly I was having computer issues so I couldn’t blog about all the food over the weekend and had to wait until today.

Brownies were made last week and turned out excellent. I wrote the recipe down somewhere but now I can’t find it. If I find my recipe notes they will be in a future post in case you were interested in trying to make them. They aren’t as dense as most brownies but are still very good.

Before I finished off the last two pieces of pizza mentioned in the First Real Tomato of the Season post I remembered to take a picture of the pizza Sean made with our first ripened tomato from our container garden. It was delicious pizza.

This weekend another tomato ripened and we picked it and added it into our Sunday lunch sandwiches. The heirloom tomatoes are turning out to be very meaty and delicious.

Today’s lunch consisted of my first ripened Black Tula tomato. It was just this tomato cut up with bocconcini cheese on melba toast. It was delicious and this is coming from someone who typically will only eat tomatoes when cooked. But garden fresh tomatoes are just soooooo good! Wish I had a picture of it sliced up so you could have seen the inside! I will definitely be growing more Black Tula’s in the future as I loved the flavour of this one. I could have just eaten it plain.


One thought on “Food!

  1. Nice post! Makes me hungry even though I just ate brekkie! Save some seeds from your black tulas! I will go out and check on my tomatoes today and take some photos to share with you.
    We need to talk about uploading photos so I can do so on my blog…………I have tried and failed.
    We have talked to Rogers and they said they are sending a technician to Killaloe to check out the tower but I think more people will need to complain first before that really happens.

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