Madli Scarf

Pattern: Madli Shawl by Nancy Bush from Knitted Lace of Estonia

Size: 12″ wide and 77″ in length (relaxed)

Yarn: 2 skeins of Plymouth Earth Ecco Cashmere (The yarn is lovely but the number of knots was not).

Needles: 3.5mm lace addi turbo’s

Gauge: Ummm it’s lace, I didn’t bother.

Started: April 2010       Finished: August 2010

Modifications: Since I did not have the required yardage of this yarn called for in the pattern I chose to do 5 repeats instead of seven to make it less wide and did 5-stitch nupps instead of 7 in an effort conserve yarn to ensure it would be long enough for a scarf.

I love everything about this scarf from the fuzzy halo of the cashmere to the pattern itself. I like the smaller nupps as you can tell they are still there but aren’t quite so obvious which thrills me. I also love the fact that it is a wide scarf but also very light and airy. It has been the perfect fall scarf so far and had been getting a lot of use now that the heatwave is gone!

Sorry for the bit of a delay posting about this finished object but I actually wanted to post it with pictures of me wearing it!

PS. I made my first pie in probably over 10 years. It is a pear pie.


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