Trick or Treat

Since there is nothing much new to show you in the knitting arena as I am still working on the same holiday knitting I have been working on for a while I will show you some of the food we have been eating since the last time I posted.

Last weekend was UFC so we made a Guinness chocolate cake to enjoy while watching it. It is an excellent recipe and makes for a very moist tasty cake with excellent cream cheese icing. The boys really enjoyed it.

Last night we made cranberry apple pie to use up the apples before the went too soft and the bag of fresh cranberries from Sean’s mom. Can you spot the happy face?

We also made gnocchi from scratch yesterday. We made some cream sauce with goat cheese and veggies and placed sliced turkey breast on top.

I spent this Halloween afternoon at the Purple Purl knitting and hanging out with the ladies. There were cupcakes to decorate and many of the ladies dressed up.

While I was at the Purl I picked up some yarn for Sean’s 2011 sweater. It is some Tanis Fibre Arts Green Label Aran Weight in the Midnight colourway and will be a nice simple sweater this time


A Chemo Cap for Lois

Pattern: Shedir by Jenna Wilson

Needles: 5 – 2.75mm double pointed

Yarn: Dye-Version Silk Seacell in Tapestry

Gauge: 7 stitches per inch with yarn held double in stockinette.

Modifications: Added an additional repeat to make it a little bit bigger.This was made for Lois, a good friend of Sean’s family, who is currently fighting cancer and this project is a collaboration between Sean’s mother, Lee and I. She paid for and picked out the yarn as well as got the appropriate measurements and I picked out the pattern and knitted it up.

Lee and I brought it over to Lois on Thanksgiving. It fits her perfectly and should do an excellent job of keeping her head and ears warm while keeping her stylish.

A cardigan for Merry

The Specs:

Pattern – A Cardigan for Merry adapted by Anny Purls

Size – 1 year

Yarn- Indigo Moon superwash Merino Sockweight in cedar.

Needles – 3mm 16″ addi circulars

Gauge – didn’t bother with it so I think this will fit a 1.5 year old just fine.

Modifications – none though I was seriously thinking about making this in one piece.

This has been sitting in my knitting basket almost done except for the sewing on of the button loops for quite some time. One of my coworkers has a daughter Ella who is the perfect size for it right now, so I passed it onto her. It is going to be our Unit’s baby sweater and will be passed along to the next person who has a baby.


I don’t have any interesting knitting to show at the moment. It looks pretty much like it did last week only maybe a little bigger. They only difference it that I did cast-on my Dad’s second Christmas sock yesterday just so that it would be on the needles and rearing to go when I am.

However I did get a new toy on Tuesday. A really nice big shiny red toy.

I had to wait til Friday to get to try it out but I think it may have been worth the wait. I made rosemary focaccia. Focaccia was something I could not make by hand (I found this out by attempting to make it by hand; it took an hour of beating the dough by hand with a wooden spoon). It is really good and now I can make light airy tasty focaccia that is better than you can pick up from the store! It is most delicious when fresh out of the oven but it also makes great sandwiches, like the zebra tomato (from our garden), goat and cheddar cheese one we had yesterday.

I also made Pugliese yesterday. Instead of making a biga which adds the flavour to the dough, I used my sourdough starter. I also substituted red fife flour for the durum flour. It makes for a pretty tasty bread even if it does not look like anything special!

Making bread in the apartment just got a little too easy. I’m going to have to be careful or eat a lot more soup!