Bryan’s Last Minute Toque

What do you get the man that is impossible to buy for? I decided on making a toque when Sean said his Dad would wear anything I would make provided Lee (his mom) didn’t hate it.Pattern: A little help from Basic Hat Pattern by Anne Bud to determine the number of stitches to cast-on. I don’t like her decreases so I always do my own thing there.

Made for: Bryan (Sean’s Dad)

Size: Adult M/L (to fit a 23″ head)

Yarn: Just over 2 skeins of Filtes King Kamel (now discontinued)

Needles: 3.5mm 16″ circulars and dpns

Gauge: 5.5sts per inch blocked

Started: Dec 13/10            Finished: Dec 24/10

This yarn is from deep within my stash that I picked up from the bargain bins of Romni and it was a pleasure to work with. The only reason I can think that it was discontinued may have been the price as on sale it was still a bit high.Bryan loves it because it is very soft (he is a bit bald so the skin on his head has a lot more contact with the wool that forms the toque) and warm. He gave it a good work out this week.


Sean’s Aran Sweater

Now that the gift giving holiday is over I can show those knits that are gifts that I couldn’t show before.Pattern: My pattern with Sean’s choice of yarn and individual cable stitch patterns.

Made for: Sean

Size: 40″ chest circumference

Yarn: Diamond Yarn Galway Heather, 9 balls

Needles: 3mm circulars for garter and 3.5mm circulars for cabled portion

Gauge: 20sts and 28 rows for a stockinette square on larger needles.

Started: April 8/10           Finished: Nov 14/10

This sweater was most certainly a labour of love. It is to date the most complicated sweater I have made. Not only it was cables but I had to determine armhole decreases in cabled pattern! Not quite as simple as it sounds since each cable has a slightly different gauge than the one it is next too. I made the neck opening wide as this was to be a dressy sweater so that there would be room for the collar of Sean’s dress shirts to lie undisturbed.

I did try to write up the pattern but due to computer hiccups I lost too much information to be able to do so.

Sean likes his sweater (always a relief) and has been wearing it since he got it on xmas morning. My mom and aunt who were in Ireland a few years back commented that it looked like a lot of the sweaters they saw while there.


The knitting has been done for quite some time but like usual the sewing pieces together, picking up stitches for neckbands and zipperbands as well as sewing in the zipper seem to drag on forever (mainly because I’m avoiding it). So without waiting any further here is the finished project and it’s details!

Pattern: Sprossling by Anne Hanson of Knitspot.

Made for: Me 🙂

Size: Small (33.25″)

Yarn: 2.5 skeins of Tanis Fibre Arts Blue Label fingering weight in Blueberry

Needles: 2.5mm and 3.0mm 24″ circluar needles

Gauge: I got it but needed to go down a few needle sizes as per usual.

Started: July 18/10     Finished: Dec 19/10

Modifications: There were several. Although I knit the smaller size for all the pieces I did make an exception for the two fronts which I knit to the width required for a medium size however armhole and waist shaping was done the same as the small. The extra stitches were taken care of within the neckline which obviously also had to be modified. This pattern actually calls for buttons, not a zipper. Therefore, the buttonband was modified to become a zipperband. I preferred a zipper to buttons to avoiding puckering around the chest area which is also the reason I knit the fronts in the medium width.

This sweater is perfect and I simply loved the pattern. As per usual, Anne Hanson’s patterns are some of the best written patterns out there! Which as an aside makes it that much easier to modify it to fit your body type.

I finished sewing in the zipper yesterday so I could wear this to Sean’s parents holiday party. Sean’s mom noticed the sweater the second I walked in the door and complimented the pattern and the colour. When one of the gentlemen in attendance found out I knit the sweater and not bought it, he couldn’t stop complimenting the sweater (which he thought was from a store because he thought it looked far too nice to be a ‘homemade’ sweater) and quizzing me on knitting (which he thought was a dying art).

I am continuing my Anne Hanson kick with another of her sweaters (will blog it’s progress in the future) and have several others on my ‘want to make’ list.

Frost & Flowers Cowl

This is one of the secret projects I have mentioned earlier in the blog that I would make for my mom from yarn that she sent me. This is the first one and she intends it for a present for a good friend of hers.

Pattern: I winged this one using the Frost and Flower stitch pattern.

Made for: Dorene, my mom’s friend.

Size: To easily fit over a 22″ head without messing up hair.

Yarn: one skein of Classic Elite Yarns Inca Alpaca in a periwinkle colour.

Needles: 4mm 16″ circulars.

Gauge: I don’t recall and I’ve lost the piece of paper that told me.

Started: Nov 5/10              Finished: Dec 1/10

My mom has received it which is the reason why I can finally show it on the blog! She likes it and thinks her friend will like it as well. Here are a few more pictures. Maybe we will get lucky and be sent a picture of her wearing it (hint, hint).

Space Invader Socks

Pattern: My own (chart for space invader characters borrowed from here and were done using duplicate stitch).

Made for: Dad

Size: 11 men’s feet with a 10″ circumference.

Yarn: Regia Solid 4-ply in black (2 balls); accent is Patons Kroy socks 4 ply in white (much less than one ball).

Needles: 5 – 2.5mm dpns

Gauge: 8sts per inch

Started: Aug 28/10                     Finished: Dec 5/10

Hopefully he will like them! On another note Piper has been perching on her tool box looking cute.

Happy Birthday!

Today is Sean’s birthday and I will be making him Lemon Sponge Pudding. Here is a picture of him in his present.

This week I had a visit by a hawk on my apartment balcony. It was quite the experience and I was very glad to be able to get some pictures! Piper on the other hand was grateful when it flew away.

There will be some finished objects posted on the blog in the near future if you were wondering what happened to the knitting content.

Tree Day

Yesterday Sean and I went out to Oshawa with his parents to hunt down our tree’s. I of course forgot my camera. When we got back I went grocery shopping to pick up the ingredients for our Moroccan dinner, including the tagine to cook one of the dishes. We had carrot and cumin salad, spicy eggplant and tomato, roasted peppers with goat cheese, country bread and tagine chicken with preserved lemon, olives and thyme. Needless to say there are lots of delicious leftovers.

After we were stuffed like turkeys, I put the lights on the tree and added the decorations that Sean’s mom gave me (I think she heard about my tree last year with only the lights and a single decoration). Sean had asked his mom for his decorations and he used those to help decorate my tree (they are the majority of the decorations).