a new year

Well it’s a new year and so far it isn’t that much different than than the last one. I don’t do New Year’s goals or resolutions; why set yourself up for failure. However this year I’m going to try ‘intentions’. Most of my new year intentions were started in the end of 2010 but since I am planning on continuing them into this year I thought it would be a good time to state the knitting related ones on this blog.

My first intention is to clean up my projects and to get better at finishing them in a reasonable amount of time. I have started slowly going through my projects and frogging the ones I know I will not finish to recover the yarn. I have already frogged several projects that I know I will not complete and am slowly going through my stashed projects to make these decisions. I would like it if over the next few years I could get the number of projects on needles to or under 10 at a time. I also intend to get better at documenting my projects in Ravelry.

The second intention is to find all my yarn stash and document it in Ravelry. A few months ago I bought some plastic bins and transferred my stash that was in drawers to these bins and have been slowly going through each of the bins and adding those that are not already in Ravelry to it. I have one bin left although it is the only one that is not full and then I will have to go through my apartment to find any other skeins I might have stashed away in various places. The reason I am doing this is so that I will know what I have so when I find a pattern I like I can easily find out if I have a yarn suitable for the project and if I have enough of it.

On that note I have finished the outer layer for my fiddlehead mittens. I just need to weave them in and pick up for the inner layer although I’m debating on whether to block them first like the pattern says. I’ve also discovered I’m not a huge fan of fairisle especially if the floats have to pass more than 4 stitches. I’ll leave you with a picture of them and will catch you up on all the other knitting projects in a later post.


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