Sweaters in progress

I have noticed as of recent I always need to have a sweater on the needles. Usually one for me and one for Sean. Sweaters did not use to be my first pick to knit but there are so many interesting patterns out there and so many books to aid you to design your own. For awhile I was enjoying designing my own sweaters but then I discovered Anne Hanson’s sweaters so I started knitting sweaters from patterns. I should also mention that I enjoy wearing them as I like to be warm and wool definitely provides warmth!

This is my newest sweater that I have cast-on (another Anne Hanson number). My henley with a twist is almost done as all the big pieces are finished and the front and back are blocked (sorry for the lack of picture of those pieces blocking but the camera cable is still packed away in a box). All that is left is to block the sleeves, sew it together and knit on the neckband. Those steps were put on hold due to us moving which is why I allowed myself to cast on the newest sweater.

And here is the progress on Sean’s 2011 sweater. The colour is gorgeous!

I would have liked to extend this post and talk  about my finished sweaters but that might have to wait for another post when we have settled into the new place and I can find my external hard-drive easily. On the upside of moving we could hear the birds singing this morning when we woke up. It felt like we were in a house instead of the 2nd floor of an apartment building.


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