Henley with a Twist

Pattern: Henley with a Twist by Anne Hanson

Made for: Me!

Size: 33″ (about 3″ negative ease)

Yarn: Sundara’s Sock Yarn in Earth Studies #98

Needles: 3.0mm circulars for the lace pattern and 2.5mm for the garter stitch pattern

Gauge: Spot on

Started: Nov 18/11       Finished: June 26/11 (knitting was complete in early March)

Modifications: I believe I made the sleeves a tad longer than instructed since I have long arms.

I tried something new for this sweater and knit both sleeves at the same time which is now my default for sleeves as it guarantees both are as alike as they can possibly be. It also means that when I cast them off it is done and I don’t have to make a second one.

This is another of Anne Hanson from Knitspot‘s patterns and I love it. It turned out perfectly except for the little bit of pooling over my right breast but that has to do with the yarn and not the pattern which I think is fantastically written as per usual. This is most certainly going to be another go to sweater like my Sprossling which gets a lot of wear. I do love the colour and softness of this yarn by Sundara. I just wish it was easier to get my hands on her  yarn!

As per usual, it was the finishing that took so long to have a completed sweater. As much as I hate sewing seams I do like the structure they give, especially for garments I know I am going to wear a lot. We also needed to go and pick up an iron so I could iron the seams open and the steam block the neck and button bands. Luckily Canadian Tire had a $100 quality iron with excellent steam capabilities for $40. We also picked up a small table top ironing board at the same time that came in handy this morning.

I am very lucky that today is actually cool enough that I can wear it comfortably before it likely has to be put away before the fall.


Hitchhiker scarf

Pattern: Hitchhiker by Martina Behm

Made for: Not sure. Will most likely end up belonging to Aunt Lynn.

Yarn: 5 skeins of Iris’s mystery content handspun (~500 yards)

Needles: 5mm needles

Gauge: good question!

Size: Umm… larger than the original pattern due to needle size and it has a total of 35 “teeth”

Started: May 29/11                    Finished: June 20/11

Modifications: Used a heavier weight yarn and larger needles than recommended.

I have had this yarn from my second cousin for quite some time but until now have yet to find the pattern that would show it off to its best advantage. This was of course until one afternoon at the Purl when I saw one knitter working on this pattern (only with Handmaiden Casbah) and became enthralled with the brilliant simplicity of it. It was designed to show off colour variations in hand-dyed sock yarn and in this case it shows off this handspun handsomely!

As much I enjoyed knitting this scarf I don’t think it is particularly me, but it would most likely suit my aunt. So if she likes it, the scarf will be going home with her and I will make myself one in colourway/yarn that suits me better.

Pea Vines

Pattern: Pea Vines by Anne Hanson

Made for: Me!

Yarn: 1.5 skeins of Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino (KPPM) in a brown/green colourway (P315)

Needles: 3.omm needles to knit, however used 3.5mm needles for the cast-on to help ensure a lose cast-on edge.

Gauge: my unblocked stockinette stitch matched the one recommended by the pattern.

Size: mini (pattern has two more sizes, petite and tall)

Started: June 3/11                    Finished: June 10/11

I learned a new way to SSK for this shawl (to clarify I learned of this technique and applied it to this pattern). Instead of the slip the first stitch as if to knit and slip the second stitch as if to knit then knit the two stitches together through the back loop, you slip the first stitch as if to knit and slip the second stitch as if to purl then knit the two together through the back loop. It makes a much cleaner SSK that looks more like the smooth K2tog decrease, only it’s mirror.

I really enjoyed knitting this little shawlette and will most likely knit a larger size of it in the future. It is challenging enough because you do have to pay attention on both the right and wrong sides (although the yarn overs and decreases are only done on the right side) but it is not too difficult that is gets frustrating. It knits up awfully quick with the fingering weight yarn (I’ve only made lace with laceweight so this was a nice treat).

The one thing I would change about it however is the way the nupps are done. I tried the way recommended in the pattern and really did not enjoy that method (involved doing it all in one stitch on the right side) and I found it was really hard to get a smooth, pretty nupp. There is a good chance I will make this shawl again in the future but I think I will change the nupps to the way Nancy Bush does them as I find I prefer her way (the rapid increase of stitches is done on the right side and then they are all decreased on the wrong side) and find the nupps come out looking so much more charming (see Nanny’s Triangular Summer Shawl or the Madli scarf).

I love the colour of the Koigu. Although it is very variegated it manages to remain subtle while adding amazing depth to the yarn and the pattern. Since it is a fingering weight yarn it feels a little more sturdy than my lace weight shawls and might be more suitable to everyday wear.

There should be more finished objects making appearance soon on the blog, including the last secret project so stay tuned!

random catch-up

1. There has been a lot of good eats from Royal Irish Soda Bread with whiskey butter to risotto to cuban beans and rice.

2. I have been spending the last few Sundays at the Purple Purl. I may have bought some yarn and I definitely bought some blocking wires. I’ve also done quite a bit of knitting but don’t have a lot of pictures of said knitting.

3. Piper and I are enjoying the lovely weather this evening sitting on our balcony enjoying a delicious dinner of crackers, cheese and berries. There may be some beer included in that meal (but only for me).

4. Piper got a new toy. A Pak-o-bird which means she can now safely go on walks with me. Will post a picture as soon as I have Sean take a picture of me and Piper showing how it is used.

My swap package arrived today!

I joined another yarn swap through the Knitspot fall in full colour group on Ravlery and today my package from my lovely swap partner arrived! This is what it looked like when I first opened it:

And this was what was in each of those lovely wrapped packages:

I received a lovely skein of Bugga yarn (heard a lot about it but never been able to get my hands on a skein), a custom made chocolate bar with cherries coconut and almonds (so delicious), a dark chocolate bar with raspberries and a cow pie (chocolate, caramel and pecans) that only lasted long enough to take this picture. There are other little goodies tucked into that picture including some beautiful bird feathers!

A close up of the yarn yumminess:

And because I know my mother will ask what I sent; I sent my lovely swap partner a skein of Lady Godiva by Handmaiden, Laura Secord chocolate bars, candied citrus peel with dark chocolate and a maple sugar candy (both of which are hidden in the ziplock bag).