Hitchhiker scarf

Pattern: Hitchhiker by Martina Behm

Made for: Not sure. Will most likely end up belonging to Aunt Lynn.

Yarn: 5 skeins of Iris’s mystery content handspun (~500 yards)

Needles: 5mm needles

Gauge: good question!

Size: Umm… larger than the original pattern due to needle size and it has a total of 35 “teeth”

Started: May 29/11                    Finished: June 20/11

Modifications: Used a heavier weight yarn and larger needles than recommended.

I have had this yarn from my second cousin for quite some time but until now have yet to find the pattern that would show it off to its best advantage. This was of course until one afternoon at the Purl when I saw one knitter working on this pattern (only with Handmaiden Casbah) and became enthralled with the brilliant simplicity of it. It was designed to show off colour variations in hand-dyed sock yarn and in this case it shows off this handspun handsomely!

As much I enjoyed knitting this scarf I don’t think it is particularly me, but it would most likely suit my aunt. So if she likes it, the scarf will be going home with her and I will make myself one in colourway/yarn that suits me better.


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