Go Team Orange! (Part I of TTC Knitalong 2011)

I had heard about the TTC knitalong before but this is the first time I decided to participate. You choose a team based on what 4 stores you would like to go to and all the team names are a colour. And as I am sure you have guessed you use the TTC to get from one yarn store to the next, puzzling all the non-knitters that get on the streetcar wondering why there are so many knitters in the back.

The first stop was the Knit Cafe where we were all supposed to meet. I was a little bit late, due to of all things on that day TTC issues! I had enough time to claim my TTC knitalong bag with swag and the all important Team Orange pin, order an espresso and to purchase some yarn (I will show the goodies purchased in Part II).

The second stop was Romni Wools. It was very convenient that the knitalong coincided with their July sale of 20% off all yarns in the store. Also if you were on the TTC knitalong they gave us a few small freebies (again in Part II). 

On our way to the third store there were two of us in the back of the street car knitting socks when a guy who got on started asking a lot of questions about what we were doing and why there were so many knitters on the streetcar. The third store was one of my personal favourites the Purple Purl (who were offering 15% off all yarns if you had your button) where I managed to get a picture of our team with Jen one of the shop owners! (Those in red shirts are our team captains.)

Our last stop was Americo. It was a little small in there for the size of our team but we did manage. On our way out of Americo to Rivoli, one of the ladies that joined us from Rochester, New York decided to start winding the skein bought by her mother (the other lovely lady from Rochester) on the street with the help of Danielle.They finished it up once we arrived at the Rivoli (our team was the first complete team to arrive).
Once we all were settled in beer and food was had, finished objects were shown off, more skeins of yarn were being wound into balls and prizes were handed out.

The award for who most needs a sherpa (ie person who bought the most skeins/balls of yarn) was a battle between these two ladies who brought suitcases for the purchases. It was a close one as the one on the left had 60 balls of yarn and the one on the right had 62. 

The greatest things about the TTC knitalong are you get to chose what you get out of it. Some people go to buy yarn, others just go along for the fun of it (hardly buying anything or nothing at all), and some go to meet new awesome people or check out new stores. I did a little of it all (except the hardly buying anything). It was a great way to meet and hang out with some awesome knitters! Go Team Orange!


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