Super Bunny!

Pattern: Sophie by Ysolda Teague with a cape designed by me

Made for: Megan’s baby boy

Yarn: not quite one skein of Rowan RYC Cashsoft 4 ply in a bright red colour. Cape made with Lily Chin Chelsea.

Needles: 5 2.5mm dpns

Gauge: didn’t bother

A nice stuffed toy that was quite enjoyable to make for my work-roomate’s little boy (the pattern was very well written). She can knit a little bit and is quite the crocheter so she asked me to knit a toy since it was something I could make a with a lot more ease than she could and was something she really wanted. I included a cape because in all honesty it makes the bunny even more awesome. The cape is my own little pattern and is just an i-cord with picked up stitches at the centre and the cape was knitted in moss stitch increasing as I went until it was time to cast-off.


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