Backwards, Forwards

So last January I wrote about intentions since I don’t do resolutions. The first one was to clean up my projects and get better at completing them in a reasonable amount of time. I think I have improved upon this. I did frog a lot of projects during 2011 that I knew I was never going to complete and I have been keeping a reasonable number of projects on the needles, trying to finish one before starting another. I also believe I have gotten much better at finishing projects. The proof? I finished 23 projects in 2011 compared to the 12 in 2010 (which in itself was a big number at the time).

The other intention was to document all my stash in Ravlery. Mission was accomplished and to keep it up I have been adding the yarn to Ravelry as I purchase it.

This year my biggest intention is to have my three holiday gift projects done before November 1st. I have purchased the yarn for one last September and just need to start. The second one I have just completed a custom order with Briar Rose for some Robusta and Sean got to pick the colourway (Chris from Briar Rose is awesome) and I think I’m sure about the third but nothing is in cement yet.

And other than that I just plan to keep up on last years intentions since it worked out so well as not only am I a bit more organized and have more finished objects but I am happy with the results as well.


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