A Thanksgiving Hike

Last Monday was Thanksgiving and Sean and I decided to go on a nice little hike at Hilton Falls just outside of Milton, Ontario. The leaves where just starting to change colour and the day was unseasonably warm and lovely.  Frankie joined us and had a blast jumping into the reservoir for a short swim.


There is something lovely….

….about cloudy days with a bit of mist. Piper, Frankie and I went for a lovely walk today after work, partially in our neighbourhood and partially along the trails in the ravine/park area.

Sadly I did not take a camera to show the prettiness so pictures of the animals (both ours and one we are petsitting) will have to do.


Frankie is the newest member of our little family. She is a boxer/Burmese mountain dog mix and is almost 9 weeks old. We picked her up from a nice family on our way home from Sean’s uncle’s cottage where we spent Canada day and watched an excellent amateur fireworks display. I expect Frankie will be making periodic appearances in the blog just like Piper does from time to time.

random catch-up

1. There has been a lot of good eats from Royal Irish Soda Bread with whiskey butter to risotto to cuban beans and rice.

2. I have been spending the last few Sundays at the Purple Purl. I may have bought some yarn and I definitely bought some blocking wires. I’ve also done quite a bit of knitting but don’t have a lot of pictures of said knitting.

3. Piper and I are enjoying the lovely weather this evening sitting on our balcony enjoying a delicious dinner of crackers, cheese and berries. There may be some beer included in that meal (but only for me).

4. Piper got a new toy. A Pak-o-bird which means she can now safely go on walks with me. Will post a picture as soon as I have Sean take a picture of me and Piper showing how it is used.

Spring is finally here!


Sorry for the lack of posts for the month of February. Not only has it been what feels like a super busy month (including a trip to Ottawa to go skating on the canal and visit with old friends) but I have been having computer problems. They did a temporary fix on it so I could use it but not to do anything strenuous or it would crash again. Well it did crash yet again but the replacement part has come in and it is going to the computer doctor tomorrow (currently typing this post on Sean’s computer hence why no pictures). Hopefully this means I will be doing more frequent postings but that might have to wait until the end of March since we are moving mid-March and still have to pack!

There has been quite a bit of knitting going on behind the scenes this month. I have finished the baby blanket for Karyn’s baby girl; all that is left to do is to block it. I also have been working on my Henley with a twist and have finally gotten past the waist shaping and have split the front for the deep V neck. Sadly pictures posted will have to wait.

Happy Birthday!

Today is Sean’s birthday and I will be making him Lemon Sponge Pudding. Here is a picture of him in his present.

This week I had a visit by a hawk on my apartment balcony. It was quite the experience and I was very glad to be able to get some pictures! Piper on the other hand was grateful when it flew away.

There will be some finished objects posted on the blog in the near future if you were wondering what happened to the knitting content.