Henley with a Twist

Pattern: Henley with a Twist by Anne Hanson

Made for: Me!

Size: 33″ (about 3″ negative ease)

Yarn: Sundara’s Sock Yarn in Earth Studies #98

Needles: 3.0mm circulars for the lace pattern and 2.5mm for the garter stitch pattern

Gauge: Spot on

Started: Nov 18/11       Finished: June 26/11 (knitting was complete in early March)

Modifications: I believe I made the sleeves a tad longer than instructed since I have long arms.

I tried something new for this sweater and knit both sleeves at the same time which is now my default for sleeves as it guarantees both are as alike as they can possibly be. It also means that when I cast them off it is done and I don’t have to make a second one.

This is another of Anne Hanson from Knitspot‘s patterns and I love it. It turned out perfectly except for the little bit of pooling over my right breast but that has to do with the yarn and not the pattern which I think is fantastically written as per usual. This is most certainly going to be another go to sweater like my Sprossling which gets a lot of wear. I do love the colour and softness of this yarn by Sundara. I just wish it was easier to get my hands on her  yarn!

As per usual, it was the finishing that took so long to have a completed sweater. As much as I hate sewing seams I do like the structure they give, especially for garments I know I am going to wear a lot. We also needed to go and pick up an iron so I could iron the seams open and the steam block the neck and button bands. Luckily Canadian Tire had a $100 quality iron with excellent steam capabilities for $40. We also picked up a small table top ironing board at the same time that came in handy this morning.

I am very lucky that today is actually cool enough that I can wear it comfortably before it likely has to be put away before the fall.



I finished knitting all five pieces of the sprossling sweater on Thursday so today I set out to block all the pieces before assembling and adding the edging for the collar and button bands.

Before I started I had some leftover pizza from last night with a homemade dipping sauce for my crusts. It was delicious.

I had these squares that supposedly form a child’s play mat (but really it’s huge and who can argue with under $30 when the “knitting” version is so much more expensive for the same square metreage) that I layed out on the floor. They are excellent because they are (a) not the floor and (b) can stick pins in them. Besides I barley even used half the blocks to lay out this sweater!

I covered the mat with a sheet just in case the mat colours may bleed. And then I pinned out the sweater pieces to the necessary dimensions.

This is the first lace sweater I have made and one of the few ones done in pieces. OH MY GOD. The amount of fiddly work necessary to get it all pinned out nearly drove me CRAZY. I loved knitting up this sweater but I can honestly say I hated the blocking part of it! Thank goodness I stopped by the LCBO on the way home and picked up a lovely bottle of wine since the bottle of my grandfathers wine (the bottle of Merlot in the picture below) that I popped open earlier this week was pretty much gone. It definitely made the blocking process much more tolerable.

Off topic: My lovely boyfriend brought me a gorgeous flowering plant yesterday and since it is so beautiful it deserves a picture on the blog. I love flowers!