a hoodie

So last year this lovely pattern by Fiona Ellis came out in the fall issue of Twist Collective called Gwendolyn. It is a cabled sweater with a hood that can be either a pullover or a cardigan. I fell in love with it immediately but held off on making it because I had so many other things on the go. I still have many things on the go but a nice aran-weight sweater fills an empty niche I have in my wardrobe now that we have Frankie. And since I am going to be spending many hours a week standing outside watching her play, I need a sweater that will keep me warm and Gwendolyn fills that need beautifully while also looking stunning.

I decided on using Tanis’s green label. The main colour I chose is the Shadow colourway which is nice light grey with flecks of ice blue (the yarn cake on the left) and the accent colour is the Atlantic colourway which too me looks like a richer version of blue in the first colourway (yarn cake on the right).

I am making the cardigan version and have already finished the two sleeves and am close to finishing the right front. I ended up blocking the right front on the needles a couple repeats in as I was worried it wouldn’t be big enough and wanted to know before going any further. Turns out it blocks out to the measurements perfectly.

In other news…… Sean has discovered that the Pampered Chef apple slicer does a great job slicing apples into wedges (he made me come and take a picture) and then of course when reminded that it was very sharp he proceeded to cut himself on it.

And Frankie’s training is coming along as she just mastered the down command today and is getting a lot of attention every time she does it.

And last but not least Piper has mastered Frankie’s name and is constantly calling her. Frankie has her tuned out very well.


a not so quiet long weekend

Not that that’s a bad thing. Saturday we ran some errands, one of them being a run to the Purple Purl. I wanted to pick up Ysolda’s new book that just came in and pick up some needles. Sean needed to pick some yarn for his mother’s holiday gift. I went through and selected some patterns that would work with the yarn he selected and he chose the one he thought his mother would like, a Anne Hanson pattern, because he liked the look and he said something along the lines of well you like her stuff and it always turns out nice. He also picked up some sock yarn for his next pair of socks when I finish his current ones on the needles (he now has to buy his own sock yarn as he has very good taste and always selects the top pickings from my stash that I want to use for me).On Sunday we had swapped desk spaces and we went to Ikea to pick me up a new desk as the table I was using was never really suited to be a desk and I was just making due. I assembled it while someone napped and started working on the spare bedroom. It is finally looking like a room instead of storage space! I will try to remember to post a picture once the room is a bit more organized.

Today I made crepes with strawberries, whipped cream and maple syrup as well as some oatmeal cookies with dried cherries and dark chocolate nuggets. I don’t have any plans for the rest of today and I think I will spend it knitting and sorting through what needs to be done in the spare room.

I started work on a baby sweater for my friend Mandi who is expecting her first munchkin to appear in the end of December. They aren’t going to find out what sex they are having so I have to make sure whatever I make looks good for either a boy or girl. I’ve decided to try Tanis’s Sunnyside Baby Cardigan with the cables. So far it is working up lovely but I am not particularly fond of the way Tanis writes up her patterns. I find for the raglan increases she has way too many markers placed into it and then she tends to ignore some of the markers and make mention of others which can be quite confusing while increasing. Needless to say I have paired down on the number of markers I am using.

The hitchhiker scarf now officially lives with my Aunt Lynn who loves it (I got a very email from her describing what she liked about it and all the different ways she can wear it).


The knitting has been done for quite some time but like usual the sewing pieces together, picking up stitches for neckbands and zipperbands as well as sewing in the zipper seem to drag on forever (mainly because I’m avoiding it). So without waiting any further here is the finished project and it’s details!

Pattern: Sprossling by Anne Hanson of Knitspot.

Made for: Me 🙂

Size: Small (33.25″)

Yarn: 2.5 skeins of Tanis Fibre Arts Blue Label fingering weight in Blueberry

Needles: 2.5mm and 3.0mm 24″ circluar needles

Gauge: I got it but needed to go down a few needle sizes as per usual.

Started: July 18/10     Finished: Dec 19/10

Modifications: There were several. Although I knit the smaller size for all the pieces I did make an exception for the two fronts which I knit to the width required for a medium size however armhole and waist shaping was done the same as the small. The extra stitches were taken care of within the neckline which obviously also had to be modified. This pattern actually calls for buttons, not a zipper. Therefore, the buttonband was modified to become a zipperband. I preferred a zipper to buttons to avoiding puckering around the chest area which is also the reason I knit the fronts in the medium width.

This sweater is perfect and I simply loved the pattern. As per usual, Anne Hanson’s patterns are some of the best written patterns out there! Which as an aside makes it that much easier to modify it to fit your body type.

I finished sewing in the zipper yesterday so I could wear this to Sean’s parents holiday party. Sean’s mom noticed the sweater the second I walked in the door and complimented the pattern and the colour. When one of the gentlemen in attendance found out I knit the sweater and not bought it, he couldn’t stop complimenting the sweater (which he thought was from a store because he thought it looked far too nice to be a ‘homemade’ sweater) and quizzing me on knitting (which he thought was a dying art).

I am continuing my Anne Hanson kick with another of her sweaters (will blog it’s progress in the future) and have several others on my ‘want to make’ list.

A cardigan for Merry

The Specs:

Pattern – A Cardigan for Merry adapted by Anny Purls

Size – 1 year

Yarn- Indigo Moon superwash Merino Sockweight in cedar.

Needles – 3mm 16″ addi circulars

Gauge – didn’t bother with it so I think this will fit a 1.5 year old just fine.

Modifications – none though I was seriously thinking about making this in one piece.

This has been sitting in my knitting basket almost done except for the sewing on of the button loops for quite some time. One of my coworkers has a daughter Ella who is the perfect size for it right now, so I passed it onto her. It is going to be our Unit’s baby sweater and will be passed along to the next person who has a baby.


I finished knitting all five pieces of the sprossling sweater on Thursday so today I set out to block all the pieces before assembling and adding the edging for the collar and button bands.

Before I started I had some leftover pizza from last night with a homemade dipping sauce for my crusts. It was delicious.

I had these squares that supposedly form a child’s play mat (but really it’s huge and who can argue with under $30 when the “knitting” version is so much more expensive for the same square metreage) that I layed out on the floor. They are excellent because they are (a) not the floor and (b) can stick pins in them. Besides I barley even used half the blocks to lay out this sweater!

I covered the mat with a sheet just in case the mat colours may bleed. And then I pinned out the sweater pieces to the necessary dimensions.

This is the first lace sweater I have made and one of the few ones done in pieces. OH MY GOD. The amount of fiddly work necessary to get it all pinned out nearly drove me CRAZY. I loved knitting up this sweater but I can honestly say I hated the blocking part of it! Thank goodness I stopped by the LCBO on the way home and picked up a lovely bottle of wine since the bottle of my grandfathers wine (the bottle of Merlot in the picture below) that I popped open earlier this week was pretty much gone. It definitely made the blocking process much more tolerable.

Off topic: My lovely boyfriend brought me a gorgeous flowering plant yesterday and since it is so beautiful it deserves a picture on the blog. I love flowers!


This weekend we made tomato, onion and cheese omelets with our San Marzano (roma) tomatoes. They were delicious!

I also made some cranberry banana bread and shortbread with dried cranberries and chocolate chips this week. I only took pictures of the shortbread as the banana bread has already made an appearance on the blog.

There hasn’t been a lot of knitting updates because I have been mostly working on the Sprossling and there would only be a lot of the same to show you. I am nearly done as I have both sleeves, the back, and am completing the second half of the front. I have made a few modifications to this pattern (will post if they worked out) and here is hoping that they work out so I don’t have to rip back.

A Random Wednesday Evening

1. This weekend a certain someone’s sweater was blocked to help make it easier for me to get around to sewing on the buttons and making the I-cord to secure onto the buttons to keep the sweater closed. It’s turned out very well but a wee bit bigger than the one year old size originally intended.

2. I finally have pictures of Sean wearing is 2009 birthday present. The first thing I have ever knit him. We was wearing them this weekend and was willing to model.

3. There has been a lot of progress on the lace scarf. See for yourself.

4. Congratulations to the Montreal Canadians who not only beat the Capitals when no one said they could but who have now moved on to battle for the Eastern Conference title and a shot at the Stanley cup by beating the supposedly great Penguins. Excellent game boys; you did us proud!