lemon meringue pie

Most of my knitting time recently has been on the second secret project (including have to rip out a rather large section). I’ve also been knitting a little on Sean’s sweater. I finished the back this morning and have cast on the two fronts which I will be knitting at the same time to make sure gauge and following instructions the same for both won’t be an issue. Neither frankly take great pictures.

However there has been quite a bit of baking this weekend and that always takes great pictures! Saturday I made the raisin cinnamon swirl bread I have been craving for quite a while now. It is as delicious as it looks!

We also made some pizza for dinner tonight which is always a welcome meal at our place. This was a joint effort where I made the dough and Sean took care of the toppings (no pictures sorry).

And for dessert we are having this:  It must be a good 12 years since I have made my last lemon meringue pie and it was much much simpler than I remember it being. I’m sure part of it is I have an excellent pastry mat and now I have very good tools such as a roller and pastry blender (oddly enough all come from Pampered Chef). The Kitchen-aid for making the meringue certainly doesn’t hurt either. Lemon meringue pie is a code word in my mom’s family. When asking what is for desert the response for nothing was lemon meringue pie, but then if there was lemon meringue pie the answer was the same so you never quite knew if one could be expected. Edited to add: I think the best difference now from 12 years ago; it will last a few days!


Trick or Treat

Since there is nothing much new to show you in the knitting arena as I am still working on the same holiday knitting I have been working on for a while I will show you some of the food we have been eating since the last time I posted.

Last weekend was UFC so we made a Guinness chocolate cake to enjoy while watching it. It is an excellent recipe and makes for a very moist tasty cake with excellent cream cheese icing. The boys really enjoyed it.

Last night we made cranberry apple pie to use up the apples before the went too soft and the bag of fresh cranberries from Sean’s mom. Can you spot the happy face?

We also made gnocchi from scratch yesterday. We made some cream sauce with goat cheese and veggies and placed sliced turkey breast on top.

I spent this Halloween afternoon at the Purple Purl knitting and hanging out with the ladies. There were cupcakes to decorate and many of the ladies dressed up.

While I was at the Purl I picked up some yarn for Sean’s 2011 sweater. It is some Tanis Fibre Arts Green Label Aran Weight in the Midnight colourway and will be a nice simple sweater this time

Plugging away

It has been a very busy weekend. I made a pan of brownies on Saturday but of course forgot to take pictures. This new recipe I have tried is rich and fudge-y and does not stick around for long. We made stuffed peppers filled with orzo, vegetables and feta to go with our steaks before heading out to watch UFC with the boys.

Today I made mini-butter tarts for birthday celebrations at work and beer bread buns for lunch and dinners this week. We had samples of both and they are both excellent. The gorgeous colour of the bread comes from Guinness and not the choice of flour.

We are making pizza for dinner tonight. I was in charge of making the dough and Sean was in charge of the toppings. He had to get his fingers in the shot.

I have been concentrating on knitting a chemo cap for a friend of Sean’s family. His mother offered to buy the yarn if I would knit it.

I have also been knitting more on the hap blanket than I probably should but it is so nice and mindless while being incredibly soft. I’ve cast-off the garter stitch centre yesterday and then promptly picked up the stitches around the edges and started the lace edging. Sean wants this blanket to be nice and big and suggested that if we ran out of yarn before it was the proper size we could run to the yarn store and get some more, which is a pretty good idea. I’m afraid it won’t make for good photographs until it is cast-off now that it only resembles a giant blob.

Madli Scarf

Pattern: Madli Shawl by Nancy Bush from Knitted Lace of Estonia

Size: 12″ wide and 77″ in length (relaxed)

Yarn: 2 skeins of Plymouth Earth Ecco Cashmere (The yarn is lovely but the number of knots was not).

Needles: 3.5mm lace addi turbo’s

Gauge: Ummm it’s lace, I didn’t bother.

Started: April 2010       Finished: August 2010

Modifications: Since I did not have the required yardage of this yarn called for in the pattern I chose to do 5 repeats instead of seven to make it less wide and did 5-stitch nupps instead of 7 in an effort conserve yarn to ensure it would be long enough for a scarf.

I love everything about this scarf from the fuzzy halo of the cashmere to the pattern itself. I like the smaller nupps as you can tell they are still there but aren’t quite so obvious which thrills me. I also love the fact that it is a wide scarf but also very light and airy. It has been the perfect fall scarf so far and had been getting a lot of use now that the heatwave is gone!

Sorry for the bit of a delay posting about this finished object but I actually wanted to post it with pictures of me wearing it!

PS. I made my first pie in probably over 10 years. It is a pear pie.


This weekend we made tomato, onion and cheese omelets with our San Marzano (roma) tomatoes. They were delicious!

I also made some cranberry banana bread and shortbread with dried cranberries and chocolate chips this week. I only took pictures of the shortbread as the banana bread has already made an appearance on the blog.

There hasn’t been a lot of knitting updates because I have been mostly working on the Sprossling and there would only be a lot of the same to show you. I am nearly done as I have both sleeves, the back, and am completing the second half of the front. I have made a few modifications to this pattern (will post if they worked out) and here is hoping that they work out so I don’t have to rip back.


There have been a lot of good eats out in my little world, mostly revolving around tomatoes. Sadly I was having computer issues so I couldn’t blog about all the food over the weekend and had to wait until today.

Brownies were made last week and turned out excellent. I wrote the recipe down somewhere but now I can’t find it. If I find my recipe notes they will be in a future post in case you were interested in trying to make them. They aren’t as dense as most brownies but are still very good.

Before I finished off the last two pieces of pizza mentioned in the First Real Tomato of the Season post I remembered to take a picture of the pizza Sean made with our first ripened tomato from our container garden. It was delicious pizza.

This weekend another tomato ripened and we picked it and added it into our Sunday lunch sandwiches. The heirloom tomatoes are turning out to be very meaty and delicious.

Today’s lunch consisted of my first ripened Black Tula tomato. It was just this tomato cut up with bocconcini cheese on melba toast. It was delicious and this is coming from someone who typically will only eat tomatoes when cooked. But garden fresh tomatoes are just soooooo good! Wish I had a picture of it sliced up so you could have seen the inside! I will definitely be growing more Black Tula’s in the future as I loved the flavour of this one. I could have just eaten it plain.

Canada Day

We had a whole flock of Canadian geese on our cottage island that kept coming back periodically throughout the day. They were very people shy, most likely because they had quite a large number of  young ones with them. Their first appearance was around noon and they kept coming back periodically throughout the day.

At just after 4pm I decided it was time to make our first attempt into the lake. We both changed into our bathing suits, grabbed our towels and went to the little beach they have to the back of the cottage. It was very shallow and had a lot of little rocks that made it very difficult to walk out far enough so that there was enough depth to properly submerge oneself. We gave up and decided to jump into the hot tub instead of allowing our feet to be massacred. The hot tub was a very good choice and was enjoyed with a bottle of Innis & Gunn.

The Canadian geese made another appearance as we were warming up the BBQ for dinner. I made homemade burgers with havarti cheese, orange tomatoes, roasted orange pepper, grilled onions and lettuce. We used pitas as the buns and it worked out wonderfully except for the cheeky chipmunks who would jump on the table and pilfer them when my back was turned to flip the burgers. Sean had to come and stand guard after the second time.We of course enjoyed dinner with a Canadian Cask edition of Innis & Gunn. They appear to make one every year in honour of Canada Day and it seems to become Sean and I’s tradition to have one of these on this important day (this would be our second year of said tradition). Desert was grilled pineapple and nectarine. I was very glad I only cut up four slices of pineapple because even though we were full it was so good that we both would have likely kept on eating it until it was gone!