Fishbone Gansey Sock

Pattern: Fishbone Gansey Sock by Anne Hanson

Made for: Dad

Size: XL

Yarn: 1.18 skeins of Malibrigo Yarn Sock in Azules

Needles: 2mm dpns

Started: July 22/11       Finished: Dec 22/11

Modifications: The length of the leg is 9″ instead of the recommended 10″ (I got tired of knitting ribbing).

This was Dad’s 2011 xmas present. I ended up needing a second skein to finish these (it is what happens when your father not only is a size 11 foot but also has fat feet) and even though the skein was the same dye lot it looked very different than the first skein (it had more purple). Luckily I didn’t have to switch until the foot of the second sock so most people won’t even notice. As per usual Anne Hanson’s patterns are very enjoyable to knit with great instructions.

Malabrigo is my Dad’s favourite sock yarn even though it is not the most optimal choice for the feet. I have told him I am going to start looking at different sock yarns trying to find a nice balance between soft which he likes and durability which I like. Hey, if I am going to spend all this time knitting a huge pair of socks they better last for years is all I am saying.