Trick or Treat

Since there is nothing much new to show you in the knitting arena as I am still working on the same holiday knitting I have been working on for a while I will show you some of the food we have been eating since the last time I posted.

Last weekend was UFC so we made a Guinness chocolate cake to enjoy while watching it. It is an excellent recipe and makes for a very moist tasty cake with excellent cream cheese icing. The boys really enjoyed it.

Last night we made cranberry apple pie to use up the apples before the went too soft and the bag of fresh cranberries from Sean’s mom. Can you spot the happy face?

We also made gnocchi from scratch yesterday. We made some cream sauce with goat cheese and veggies and placed sliced turkey breast on top.

I spent this Halloween afternoon at the Purple Purl knitting and hanging out with the ladies. There were cupcakes to decorate and many of the ladies dressed up.

While I was at the Purl I picked up some yarn for Sean’s 2011 sweater. It is some Tanis Fibre Arts Green Label Aran Weight in the Midnight colourway and will be a nice simple sweater this time



It has been a day of drizzle and sometimes flat out rain but mostly drizzle. The little reminders that bring you back to home for a few minutes in your head.

The long weekend was a good one with lots of sunshine and warmth. Sunday we had an Easter brunch to go to and I was responsible for dessert. I made the Gateau Basque out of Anne Stewart’s Canada (same book that had the butter tart recipe) with the sauteed apple filling. Sadly I didn’t take a picture of it at the time but since the recipe makes for more than one I made up another one today and did remember to take a picture of the finished product.

Monday I decided to bake some sourdough bread with caramelized onions and aged cheddar. I had some for dinner that night in sandwich form and for lunch yesterday.

I cut up some strawberries this evening and am marinating them in red wine and a bit of sugar. They should be very tasty!

I am still plugging away at Bean’s sweater. I have finished the second sleeve and in the process of assembling all the pieces together so I can pick up around the neck and knit the hood.

On Saturday Sean and I headed down to the Purple Purl to pick out some yarn for his Christmas sweater. He’s decided he wants cables and picked out a lovely green yarn. I’ve assembled a bunch of different stitch patterns together and now I just need to block it so I can get the measurements I need to start plugging in the numbers for the sweater.

I also need to go stash diving to find a suitable yarn for my Dad’s Christmas socks this year and then I need to decide on a stitch motif. I might hold off on that until I get some accurate measurements of his legs to help ensure the socks will stay up or I could just do cables or some other stiff-ish pattern like I did for last years.