Level 1

I have been looking for a knitting challenge for a while now. For a while I was looking for a knitting course to take but most courses are covering things I already have self-taught myself and are more about learning than a challenge.

Randomly I searched on the internet and found that The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA) offers a recognized Masters program. There are three levels that need to be completed before you are considered a “Master” and each level asks for more work than the last. The nice thing is that there is no time limit and you can work at your own pace which allows for Christmas presents to be knitted by Christmas.

I received Level 1 earlier this week. It involves several swatches, questions to be answered, a report on blocking and a project which is a bi-coloured toque. I bought two skeins of light colours of Cascade 220 for my swatches and did a wee bit of a test swatch of seed, garter and stockinette to make sure I had the right size needles (I apparently knit very loosely).

Then I’ve started on the seed stitch swatch first. It needs to be dense with no holes. So far I think I’m doing a pretty good job but we will have to wait to see what the Committee thinks when they grade it.