Sean’s Aran Sweater

Now that the gift giving holiday is over I can show those knits that are gifts that I couldn’t show before.Pattern: My pattern with Sean’s choice of yarn and individual cable stitch patterns.

Made for: Sean

Size: 40″ chest circumference

Yarn: Diamond Yarn Galway Heather, 9 balls

Needles: 3mm circulars for garter and 3.5mm circulars for cabled portion

Gauge: 20sts and 28 rows for a stockinette square on larger needles.

Started: April 8/10           Finished: Nov 14/10

This sweater was most certainly a labour of love. It is to date the most complicated sweater I have made. Not only it was cables but I had to determine armhole decreases in cabled pattern! Not quite as simple as it sounds since each cable has a slightly different gauge than the one it is next too. I made the neck opening wide as this was to be a dressy sweater so that there would be room for the collar of Sean’s dress shirts to lie undisturbed.

I did try to write up the pattern but due to computer hiccups I lost too much information to be able to do so.

Sean likes his sweater (always a relief) and has been wearing it since he got it on xmas morning. My mom and aunt who were in Ireland a few years back commented that it looked like a lot of the sweaters they saw while there.


Frost & Flowers Cowl

This is one of the secret projects I have mentioned earlier in the blog that I would make for my mom from yarn that she sent me. This is the first one and she intends it for a present for a good friend of hers.

Pattern: I winged this one using the Frost and Flower stitch pattern.

Made for: Dorene, my mom’s friend.

Size: To easily fit over a 22″ head without messing up hair.

Yarn: one skein of Classic Elite Yarns Inca Alpaca in a periwinkle colour.

Needles: 4mm 16″ circulars.

Gauge: I don’t recall and I’ve lost the piece of paper that told me.

Started: Nov 5/10              Finished: Dec 1/10

My mom has received it which is the reason why I can finally show it on the blog! She likes it and thinks her friend will like it as well. Here are a few more pictures. Maybe we will get lucky and be sent a picture of her wearing it (hint, hint).

Dear Sean’s Christmas Sweater

Our affair has been longer than anticipated; we started in April and I was hoping to end it before November rolled along. Although I have learned a lot from you about designing cabled sweaters I can’t say it has been blissful for our entire union, although it did have its moments.

I am happy to say our union will soon end now that I have finished your back, front and two sleeves. All that is left is to block, assemble and knit on the neck band. I am not sure how you feel about the end of this affair but I for one will be glad to be done with you.

Please don’t make the end of this relationship any more difficult than it has to be.

Thanks. The Knitter.

A Sunny Sunday

We thought yesterday was going to be the nicest day of the weekend and went for a little walk to the park to throw the frisbee around. However I woke up this morning and the sun is shinning beautifully. We may need another excuse to spend time outside again today. It was also a great day for taking pictures of knitting in progress.

One of Dad’s Christmas socks is complete (well the knitting part anyway). If there is enough time after I finish the second one I may use duplicate stitch to put Space Invader motifs on the socks. The black yarn is Regia, a work-horse yarn with nylon added in. It’s not super soft but it is also not scratchy and should take a lot of wear my Dad will dish out while he’s puttering around the farm. The toes are Paton’s Kroy Socks. These are like all the socks I have made him in the past, machine-washable. However we don’t tell him they are machine-washable. He has to put them in the special laundry pile for hand-washing only (they will last longer that way too) or he runs the risk of never getting another pair of handmade socks. This is just in-case either I or Nanny make him a pair of socks that are not machine-washable. So far there have been no reports of mishaps from my mother so I think he takes the possibility of being cut-off from handmade socks very seriously. I think it is very endearing that he makes that extra effort to take care of his handmade socks and is part of the reason he gets a new pair every year. Last year he gave me the highest sock compliment that I think can come from him – “This socks are the best socks yet; they stay up and fit nice.” I guess it’s custom socks from now on.

I have finally taken the leap and cast-on and started knitting the sleeve for Sean’s Aran sweater (after charting out the increases for the cable using Knit Visualizer. So far it is turning out very well.

I started reclaiming the yarn from a disaster project from a few years ago called the Kimono Shrug. I had finished all the knitting but when I started seaming it together it definitely did not work. Since it involved 6 skeins of Malabrigo it is definitely worth reclaiming the yarn. Well I finally got around to it and unseamed and then unravelled the pieces back into skeins. I dampened them to help relax before winding them back into balls.With the one skein that was not knit up into the disaster project I started work on a couch blanket by Ysolda, very simply called the Hap Blanket. The centre is garter stitch and then you pick up along the edges and work in a feather and fan pattern. As you can tell I am currently on the garter stitch pattern. I am making it slightly bigger than the pattern calls for since I have the yarn and I would like it bigger than 40″. It is my nice mindless project at the moment to take breaks from all the Christmas and secret knitting.


I received some yarn from my mom to make two secret projects so all I will show you is the yarn until they are complete.

This weekend we made delicious sticky buns. They did not last very long.

I picked up a package in the mail today and these lovelies were inside. These are from Sundara Yarns.

I also finally cast-off the front of Sean’s sweater. All that is left to do are the sleeves.


We are on vacation at a cottage this week and don’t have the cable to attach the camera to the computer so I think we are out of luck in the picture department. We are at a very swanky cottage that has it’s own little one acre island. It also has satellite TV (which so far has been staying off), internet, a huge massive BBQ with three burners that make BBQ beer chicken fabulously easy and tasty, a well-equipped kitchen, a pontoon boat, a fire pit and the friendliest chipmunks in the world. (Pictures will follow when we are back home or if I find out Sean remembered the cable for his camera.)

The island is a bit small for nice walks, however it is great because we don’t really have any neighbours that would annoy us. It feels nice and isolated even though it really isn’t.

There has been lots of food and all of it good. Saturday night we had venison sausages, Sunday was steaks, Monday was BBQ beer chicken, Tuesday was pizza on the BBQ and today will probably be beef ribs unless we decide to go into town today. Tomorrow for Canada Day we will be having burgers.

I finished the back of Sean’s aran sweater in the car ride and the first night we spent here and have started on the front. I also brought the border for the Queen Ring Shawl and have finally completed 10 repeats (of the 208 that need to be completed). The pattern is starting to become intuitive to me so I’m not always looking at the chart and now when I make a mistake or drop stitches I can easily fix it without having to rip all the way back to my lifeline. The first five repeats were the hardest to do but now I can whip through a pattern repeat easily enough. Hopefully this means I will start making some progress but I’m sure all the Christmas knitting I need to do will slow me down on the shawl.