a hoodie

So last year this lovely pattern by Fiona Ellis came out in the fall issue of Twist Collective called Gwendolyn. It is a cabled sweater with a hood that can be either a pullover or a cardigan. I fell in love with it immediately but held off on making it because I had so many other things on the go. I still have many things on the go but a nice aran-weight sweater fills an empty niche I have in my wardrobe now that we have Frankie. And since I am going to be spending many hours a week standing outside watching her play, I need a sweater that will keep me warm and Gwendolyn fills that need beautifully while also looking stunning.

I decided on using Tanis’s green label. The main colour I chose is the Shadow colourway which is nice light grey with flecks of ice blue (the yarn cake on the left) and the accent colour is the Atlantic colourway which too me looks like a richer version of blue in the first colourway (yarn cake on the right).

I am making the cardigan version and have already finished the two sleeves and am close to finishing the right front. I ended up blocking the right front on the needles a couple repeats in as I was worried it wouldn’t be big enough and wanted to know before going any further. Turns out it blocks out to the measurements perfectly.

In other news…… Sean has discovered that the Pampered Chef apple slicer does a great job slicing apples into wedges (he made me come and take a picture) and then of course when reminded that it was very sharp he proceeded to cut himself on it.

And Frankie’s training is coming along as she just mastered the down command today and is getting a lot of attention every time she does it.

And last but not least Piper has mastered Frankie’s name and is constantly calling her. Frankie has her tuned out very well.


There is something lovely….

….about cloudy days with a bit of mist. Piper, Frankie and I went for a lovely walk today after work, partially in our neighbourhood and partially along the trails in the ravine/park area.

Sadly I did not take a camera to show the prettiness so pictures of the animals (both ours and one we are petsitting) will have to do.

random catch-up

1. There has been a lot of good eats from Royal Irish Soda Bread with whiskey butter to risotto to cuban beans and rice.

2. I have been spending the last few Sundays at the Purple Purl. I may have bought some yarn and I definitely bought some blocking wires. I’ve also done quite a bit of knitting but don’t have a lot of pictures of said knitting.

3. Piper and I are enjoying the lovely weather this evening sitting on our balcony enjoying a delicious dinner of crackers, cheese and berries. There may be some beer included in that meal (but only for me).

4. Piper got a new toy. A Pak-o-bird which means she can now safely go on walks with me. Will post a picture as soon as I have Sean take a picture of me and Piper showing how it is used.

a nice long weekend

This weekend I started on a stuffed rabbit toy for an expecting coworker. So far the progress is very good as it went from this:To this in a day and a bit:

This weekend we picked up a parrot tower for Piper. There are hooks to hang toys from and a rope to run up and down. It can also easily be reorganized or add different perches if we desire. Now if we can just convince Piper it is not going to eat her.

I’ve also spent this nice long weekend swatching for a sweater I want to design. I ran into the yarn at the Purple Purl where I was taking two classes Size & Fit and Math for Knitters with Kate Atherly. It told me what it wanted to become instantly and now we are working on making that happen.

There was also a lot of food this weekend but I was too busy eating and chasing 4 year old twins to snap any pictures.

Lastly, a shout-out to my parents: Happy Anniversary.

Space Invader Socks

Pattern: My own (chart for space invader characters borrowed from here and were done using duplicate stitch).

Made for: Dad

Size: 11 men’s feet with a 10″ circumference.

Yarn: Regia Solid 4-ply in black (2 balls); accent is Patons Kroy socks 4 ply in white (much less than one ball).

Needles: 5 – 2.5mm dpns

Gauge: 8sts per inch

Started: Aug 28/10                     Finished: Dec 5/10

Hopefully he will like them! On another note Piper has been perching on her tool box looking cute.

3 years old

On July 26th (last Monday) it was Piper’s 3rd birthday! Piper is a big fan of birthdays, more so if they are hers but she likes all birthdays. On her first birthday I threw her a big party and we made parrot friendly curries which she happily ate off my plate (the only time she has ever been allowed to do that) and had a non-chocolate cake so she could have some as well. She got lots of toys and more importantly lot’s of attention. She also learned the word “birthday” and loved saying “birthday girl”.

The uncanny thing is when she starts pulling out the “birthday girl”. Usually January she starts using that phrase as a question to me. I have to tell her that it is not her birthday for another 6 months but that my birthday is coming up in next month. She has done that for the past two years seemingly on cue. She also about June-ish starts again with the “birthday girl?”. I tell her yes her birthday is coming up and that we will do something fun that day. This has also happened for the last two years.

This year the two of us had a quite little celebration.  Before I left for work I gave her her birthday present which was one of her favorite style of toys. They are a little on the pricey side but they are her favorite and she loves to destroy them. When I got home we (by we I mean I did all the work while she supervised or got into trouble) made vegetarian pizza, Piper’s most favorite food in the world. She got a huge chunk and happily snarfed it down!

On Saturday Sean brought her his birthday present. Another of her favorite kind of toy!

while waiting for coffee to brew

This morning Piper and I went to look at our container garden. The tomato plants are doing very well and have beautiful flowers on them. The purple container bell peppers have the prettiest little purple-white flowers and the chili pepper plant has chili’s (although those pictures all came out a bit fuzzy).

Piper was the supervisor, watching while I took these pictures. She’s happy to do the job provided her travel cage is propped up on a chair and not on the dirty floor.

After all that hard work Piper had some lychee juice while I took pictures of some knitting.

I finally have three repeats of the lace edging for the Queen Ring Shawl. I don’t know why but it does seem to be giving me some difficulty. It is the first time I have employed lifelines in lace knitting and boy am I glad that I have. I pinned it out for this picture as best I could so you could get an idea of how pretty it will looked when the whole item is soaked and blocked.

And the back of Sean’s sweater is almost done as well. If I can keep this up it should be done in time for Christmas. Hmmm maybe I should go and knock on some would before I jinx myself.

Oh I think the coffee is ready and it’s calling my name.