Echo of Bells

Pattern: Echo of Bells by Anne Hanson as December’s Fall in Full Colour Club project

Made for: still unknown

Size: Tall

Yarn: Great Northern Yarns 70% Mink 30% cashmere yarn in Rhododendron

Needles: 3.5mm circulars

Started: Dec 24/11       Finished: Dec 31/11

This was the last project of 2011 that I officially finished as it was blocked on New Year’s eve.  This is a keyhole scarf which makes use of a small amount of luxury yarn. There is also a set of wristwarmer that go with the pattern and enough yarn leftover to make them.

This yarn is absolutely delicious but is a bit deceiving about it’s true nature. It doesn’t look all that special when you start working with it except that is unbelievably soft. But after a nice blocking it gets this beautiful halo of fuzz that is just sumptuous!

Frankie was kind enough to be the model for this project and was very good about not licking the yarn.



Pattern: Longshadows by Anne Hanson for the August installation of the Fall in Full Colour Club.

Made for: me

Size: scarf

Yarn: Spirit Trail Fiberworks Nona in “Autumn Aurora” (colourway exclusive to club)

Needles: 3.0mm circulars

Gauge: 6 stitches per inch in stockinette

Started: August 15/11       Finished: September 11/11

Modifications: added two extra repeats per side for a total of 4.

This isn’t a yarn or colourway that would normally jump out to me at a yarn store but after working with it I think it is absolutely lovely and knits up even softer than in skein form. This is only the second scarf that I have grafted as it is meant to be a symmetrical scarf although the pattern does mention you can go asymmetrical if you don’t mind the leaves going up one side and trailing down the other.

I ended up with only 5g of yarn left once I grafted the two halves together but love the extra length the four extra repeats give me. It has definitely been a go to scarf this season.

Butternut Scarf

Pattern: Butternut Scarf

Made for: Gurmeet

Size: 13×46.5″ blocked

Yarn: Indigodragonfly Merino Silk Lace in Pink Freud colourway

Needles: 3.0mm circulars

Gauge: larger than recommended

Started: Aug 13/11        Finished: Sept 11/11

Modifications: Knit at a slightly larger gauge due to the right sized needles being in use.

This was made for a very good friend who also happens to be my coworker. She is an awesome friend for a knitter to have as she speaks enough “knitter-ese” to understand when I get technical and is always admiring and commenting on the projects she sees me work on during our coffee break. And to make her an even better friend to a knitter she has never once asked for anything for herself.

So I decided to make her a birthday present this year. It all started when I spotted the skein of Indigodragonfly’s Merino Silk Lace in Pink Freud and thought the colour would look fabulous on Gurmeet. When I came back a few weeks later and it was still there I snatched it up and decided to make her one of Anne Hanson’s Little Nothings.

Her birthday was this past Tuesday. Sadly I don’t have any pictures of her modelling it so the ones of me will have to do but best of all was her reaction: “I finally have a Lizzie!”. 

a not so quiet long weekend

Not that that’s a bad thing. Saturday we ran some errands, one of them being a run to the Purple Purl. I wanted to pick up Ysolda’s new book that just came in and pick up some needles. Sean needed to pick some yarn for his mother’s holiday gift. I went through and selected some patterns that would work with the yarn he selected and he chose the one he thought his mother would like, a Anne Hanson pattern, because he liked the look and he said something along the lines of well you like her stuff and it always turns out nice. He also picked up some sock yarn for his next pair of socks when I finish his current ones on the needles (he now has to buy his own sock yarn as he has very good taste and always selects the top pickings from my stash that I want to use for me).On Sunday we had swapped desk spaces and we went to Ikea to pick me up a new desk as the table I was using was never really suited to be a desk and I was just making due. I assembled it while someone napped and started working on the spare bedroom. It is finally looking like a room instead of storage space! I will try to remember to post a picture once the room is a bit more organized.

Today I made crepes with strawberries, whipped cream and maple syrup as well as some oatmeal cookies with dried cherries and dark chocolate nuggets. I don’t have any plans for the rest of today and I think I will spend it knitting and sorting through what needs to be done in the spare room.

I started work on a baby sweater for my friend Mandi who is expecting her first munchkin to appear in the end of December. They aren’t going to find out what sex they are having so I have to make sure whatever I make looks good for either a boy or girl. I’ve decided to try Tanis’s Sunnyside Baby Cardigan with the cables. So far it is working up lovely but I am not particularly fond of the way Tanis writes up her patterns. I find for the raglan increases she has way too many markers placed into it and then she tends to ignore some of the markers and make mention of others which can be quite confusing while increasing. Needless to say I have paired down on the number of markers I am using.

The hitchhiker scarf now officially lives with my Aunt Lynn who loves it (I got a very email from her describing what she liked about it and all the different ways she can wear it).


Pattern: Ishbel by Ysolda Teague

Made for: My mom (in exchange for some delicious beef)

Size: small

Yarn: 130 yards of brown handspun containing 1/3 each of quivet, merino & cashmere and a little over half a skein of Knitwise cashmere in cream.

Needles: 3.5mm circulars

Gauge: Umm I was bad and didn’t check.

Started:   May 22/11       Finished: May 27/11 (knitting);  June 20/11 (blocking)

Modifications: used two yarns to create stripes (and help the handspun go further).

This project was started earlier (we are talking April) in a completely different incarnation (a personal variation on the Haruni pattern) but ended up being ripped out twice before I finally decided to work on the Ishbel pattern and it flew off the needles with no frogging necessary. In my opinion that is always a good thing.

Sean thinks this is one of the fanciest and more difficult things I have knit. I don’t necessarily agree but if he thinks two colours looks fancy he is definitely welcome to that opinion (it is all a matter of taste isn’t it?). The pattern was very well written and fairly easy so not difficult in my opinion. However he is the one who had to listen to my not so happy comments about weaving in all those loose ends so he may be onto something with the difficult part. The finishing aspect is for me the least enjoyable part of any project especially weaving in ends, assembling by sewing or inserting zippers.

The weaving in of the ends is part of the reason it took so long to get around to blocking the item; the other part was the postal strike. What is the point of blocking it when you are going to have to wait forever to be able to send it to the recipient so you can post the pictures? I ended up doing it anyway since I had a few other projects that needed to be blocked anyway and I do love the magical transition that happens when you block lace.

Oh and my mother thinks it’s beautiful!

It been hot & sticky out there

It has been a very hot and humid week here in the city. We are luckily enough to have air-conditioning in our unit and although it does not make our apartment freakishly cold it is a nice 23- 24C with no humidity. Luckily I have recently started a bunch of small projects that don’t take up a lot of space on ones lap which would make knitting unbearable.

Over the Canada Day long weekend I had started Sean’s socks and have made good progress. Then they went into hiatus for a little while and will be taken off hiatus as I have received some of the requested flowers I require to continue.

I also started my Dad’s holiday socks this weekend so I can switch between the two pairs if I need a break from one of them. I am hoping I got the sizing right as both Sean’s and Dad’s socks are being made from a pattern and not from my mind.

I also started on Almost Ovals shortly after the TTC knitalong with the lovely Indigodragonfly merino/silk I bought at the Purple Purl. Since the yardage of the yarn is much more generous than the pattern requires I have added another repeat and will most likely be making it much longer than recommended as well. I might also have bought another skein of said yarn in another colourway because I enjoy knitting with it so much.

I have also recently finished another shawl but need some more pictures before I post the finished object post. Frankie was checking it out.

Hitchhiker scarf

Pattern: Hitchhiker by Martina Behm

Made for: Not sure. Will most likely end up belonging to Aunt Lynn.

Yarn: 5 skeins of Iris’s mystery content handspun (~500 yards)

Needles: 5mm needles

Gauge: good question!

Size: Umm… larger than the original pattern due to needle size and it has a total of 35 “teeth”

Started: May 29/11                    Finished: June 20/11

Modifications: Used a heavier weight yarn and larger needles than recommended.

I have had this yarn from my second cousin for quite some time but until now have yet to find the pattern that would show it off to its best advantage. This was of course until one afternoon at the Purl when I saw one knitter working on this pattern (only with Handmaiden Casbah) and became enthralled with the brilliant simplicity of it. It was designed to show off colour variations in hand-dyed sock yarn and in this case it shows off this handspun handsomely!

As much I enjoyed knitting this scarf I don’t think it is particularly me, but it would most likely suit my aunt. So if she likes it, the scarf will be going home with her and I will make myself one in colourway/yarn that suits me better.