Sunnyside Cardigan & Cabled Toque

(In case you are wondering todays finished object post describes two finished objects)

Pattern: cabled Sunnyside Cardigarn by Tanis Lavallée and a variation on Basic Toque by Ann Budd

Made for: Mandi and Brian’s newly arrived baby boy

Size: 3-6 months for the sweater and 0-6 months for the toque

Yarn: Tanis Fibre Arts Blue Label Fingering Weight in Lemongrass

Needles: 3mm circulars and dpns

Gauge: 30sts/4inches

Started: July 30/11(sweater)           November 6/11(toque)

Finished: August 13/11(sweater)     November 8/11(toque)

Modifications: For the sweater I continued cable down side “seams” as it just seemed natural to do so. For the toque I added in a cable and fudged the number of stitches cast on.

This was made and gifted before the baby and therefore before the sex of the baby was known. This was gifted in November and yes I know I am only now posting about it. What can I say I am very behind (and on more finished objects than just this) but I can report that  Xavier is very cute! I would also like to state that I love the lady bug buttons!


Bryan’s Last Minute Toque

What do you get the man that is impossible to buy for? I decided on making a toque when Sean said his Dad would wear anything I would make provided Lee (his mom) didn’t hate it.Pattern: A little help from Basic Hat Pattern by Anne Bud to determine the number of stitches to cast-on. I don’t like her decreases so I always do my own thing there.

Made for: Bryan (Sean’s Dad)

Size: Adult M/L (to fit a 23″ head)

Yarn: Just over 2 skeins of Filtes King Kamel (now discontinued)

Needles: 3.5mm 16″ circulars and dpns

Gauge: 5.5sts per inch blocked

Started: Dec 13/10            Finished: Dec 24/10

This yarn is from deep within my stash that I picked up from the bargain bins of Romni and it was a pleasure to work with. The only reason I can think that it was discontinued may have been the price as on sale it was still a bit high.Bryan loves it because it is very soft (he is a bit bald so the skin on his head has a lot more contact with the wool that forms the toque) and warm. He gave it a good work out this week.

A Chemo Cap for Lois

Pattern: Shedir by Jenna Wilson

Needles: 5 – 2.75mm double pointed

Yarn: Dye-Version Silk Seacell in Tapestry

Gauge: 7 stitches per inch with yarn held double in stockinette.

Modifications: Added an additional repeat to make it a little bit bigger.This was made for Lois, a good friend of Sean’s family, who is currently fighting cancer and this project is a collaboration between Sean’s mother, Lee and I. She paid for and picked out the yarn as well as got the appropriate measurements and I picked out the pattern and knitted it up.

Lee and I brought it over to Lois on Thanksgiving. It fits her perfectly and should do an excellent job of keeping her head and ears warm while keeping her stylish.

Plugging away

It has been a very busy weekend. I made a pan of brownies on Saturday but of course forgot to take pictures. This new recipe I have tried is rich and fudge-y and does not stick around for long. We made stuffed peppers filled with orzo, vegetables and feta to go with our steaks before heading out to watch UFC with the boys.

Today I made mini-butter tarts for birthday celebrations at work and beer bread buns for lunch and dinners this week. We had samples of both and they are both excellent. The gorgeous colour of the bread comes from Guinness and not the choice of flour.

We are making pizza for dinner tonight. I was in charge of making the dough and Sean was in charge of the toppings. He had to get his fingers in the shot.

I have been concentrating on knitting a chemo cap for a friend of Sean’s family. His mother offered to buy the yarn if I would knit it.

I have also been knitting more on the hap blanket than I probably should but it is so nice and mindless while being incredibly soft. I’ve cast-off the garter stitch centre yesterday and then promptly picked up the stitches around the edges and started the lace edging. Sean wants this blanket to be nice and big and suggested that if we ran out of yarn before it was the proper size we could run to the yarn store and get some more, which is a pretty good idea. I’m afraid it won’t make for good photographs until it is cast-off now that it only resembles a giant blob.

finished objects

I have managed to complete 3 projects in the 3 months of this new year. The first is a pair of socks for Sean that were finished shortly after January. The sock pattern is my own, however the stitch pattern is from a pair of socks I made myself that he said he really liked. Like his other pair of socks these get a lot of use.

The second finished project was also for Sean. It is the orange toque he requested that is also of my own design that was started and finished in February. (Actually come to think of it all three finished objects are my own designs.) I call it the toque the Railroad Toque after the name of the stitch used. It has been getting quite a bit of use since March has turned rather chilly.

Last but not least is a sweater designed and knit for myself.  I started Alpaca en el Mar in mid January and finished it early March. It turned out exactly how I pictured it, if not better, and it has been mistaken several times for a store-bought sweater (not sure if that is a good or bad thing yet). Sadly I did not take good enough notes to be able to write this pattern up. One of these days I will learn to take good notes so I can write up patterns.