Super Bunny!

Pattern: Sophie by Ysolda Teague with a cape designed by me

Made for: Megan’s baby boy

Yarn: not quite one skein of Rowan RYC Cashsoft 4 ply in a bright red colour. Cape made with Lily Chin Chelsea.

Needles: 5 2.5mm dpns

Gauge: didn’t bother

A nice stuffed toy that was quite enjoyable to make for my work-roomate’s little boy (the pattern was very well written). She can knit a little bit and is quite the crocheter so she asked me to knit a toy since it was something I could make a with a lot more ease than she could and was something she really wanted. I included a cape because in all honesty it makes the bunny even more awesome. The cape is my own little pattern and is just an i-cord with picked up stitches at the centre and the cape was knitted in moss stitch increasing as I went until it was time to cast-off.


a nice long weekend

This weekend I started on a stuffed rabbit toy for an expecting coworker. So far the progress is very good as it went from this:To this in a day and a bit:

This weekend we picked up a parrot tower for Piper. There are hooks to hang toys from and a rope to run up and down. It can also easily be reorganized or add different perches if we desire. Now if we can just convince Piper it is not going to eat her.

I’ve also spent this nice long weekend swatching for a sweater I want to design. I ran into the yarn at the Purple Purl where I was taking two classes Size & Fit and Math for Knitters with Kate Atherly. It told me what it wanted to become instantly and now we are working on making that happen.

There was also a lot of food this weekend but I was too busy eating and chasing 4 year old twins to snap any pictures.

Lastly, a shout-out to my parents: Happy Anniversary.

Saturday Morning Report

Last weekend was the Victoria Day long weekend and Sean, Piper and I headed up to the farm. It was a gorgeous weekend in Killaloe and much hotter than expected. Saturday was a family and family friends BBQ. There was lot’s of food, sports, conversation and beer, even Poppa’s famous wine. Most of us got on the wagon attached to the tractor and went for a ride to check out the new sugar shack for making maple syrup which is at the end of the hay fields where all the maple trees are. Nanny even wore the Triangular Summer Shawl by Nancy Bush that I made her for Christmas last year.¬† Doesn’t she look gorgeous in it? It’s the perfect size for her!Nanny and her shawl

I’ve recently decided I wanted to make a Shetland gossamer shawl and decided on the Queen Ring Shawl Pattern which I ordered from Heirloom Knitting. It arrived much quicker than I was expecting. These shawls are huge but so fine that you can literally pull them through a ring.I even already purchased the yarn for this pattern and got it at an amazing price! I put a penny in for scale so you could get an idea at the fineness. Now I just need to decide if I will use my 2.0mm needles or if I should go smaller.

I have also started working on this adorable pattern for a coworkers daughter. My coworkers daughter, Ella, is going to model a knitted object for me and this will be her payment.