Frolicking Aftermath

So despite that I had a much better idea of what to expect at the Knitter’s Frolic from last year I was still completely overwhelmed as was my friend Mel (but it was her first time). Due to being so overwhelmed by the yarn and sheer number of knitters I took almost no pictures. I did however remember to think to get a picture of Miko (from the Purple Purl) in THE Tiger Dress.

I did hit up the booths of Viola, Tanis and Indigodragonfly but only came home with yarn from one of those three, Indigodragonfly. I love the names of her yarns and the are the reason why I bought these ones.

“Curse you sudden but inevitable betrayal (Wash)” is a merino/cashmere/silk blend:And the second yarn I snapped up is a merino sock that screamed Sean’s name as the colourway is called “Just one Stanley Cup in my lifetime; is that too much to ask?” and is in his team’s colours.¬†

I also drooled over and then decided to bring home some Habu yarn which I have been wanting to try for ages. This is their silk/stainless steel blend and is quite a unique yarn due to the stainless steel content. I bought three cones to keep my options open as I need to find a project that will suit this yarn and I will enjoy knitting. This colour is one of my most favourite shades of red.

I also picked up a bottle of Soak, some beautiful buttons from AB Originals and a Knitter’s Frolic tote!


February, March and April Packages

It would appear that I have not been keeping up with the yarn packages I have received in the mail and it is not as it I don’t get at least one a month thanks to the Bare Naked Knitspot (BNK) club I am in.


The first package of BNK was two lovely skeins of merino as well as a special sized project bag by Three Bags Full (she makes my favourite project bags; I have several of them). This was turned into a lovely baby blanket but since it is not a superwash yarn I don’t want to give it to a new mother since it cannot be thrown in the washing machine so I am using it as a lovely little lap blanket. I sadly have no photos of it to show you at the moment.


The second BNK package had two skeins of Great Northern Yarn’s Yak. It is a beautiful colour and Anne gave us many options to make including a slouchy toque, fingerless gloves, a scarf and a neckwarmer. I have made the neckwarmer and gifted it to Sean for our third anniversary. It should keep his neck and jaw very warm in the winter! I intend to eventually make the slouchy toque for myself (although I will need to pick up a small circular to accomplish this). The yarn seems okay as you knit it up but transforms amazingly into a light soft yarn with a beautiful halo once washed and blocked.


This month’s package is some lovely Alpaca, merino and nylon in fingering that was custom spun for this club! It is deliciously soft and yes it going to become a pair of socks! For me of course.

The other package I received is four more skeins of Great Northern Yarn’s Yak as I really loved the fabric it made for the neckwarmer and it was $5 off a skein. How can I say no to that! I received a little note in that package from Craig (the owner) saying that they will be coming out with silk/merino yarn soon!

Bare Naked Knitspot

I really enjoyed Knitspot’s Fall in Full Colour Club, so when it was announced she was going to have another club starting from February to July I was certainly interested. Then I found out it was going to be about natural undyed fibres and that the focus of the club was to learn about each different fibre we received and a pattern designed to best work with that particular fibres characteristics, I was sold. I think it is a great way to learn about different yarns and fibres and then apply that knowledge with a project.

Should be interesting to see what the next six months of clubbing with Knitspot will bring! I am awaiting the arrival of the first package as they have been sent out already!

The January Packages

The last package for the Fall in Full Colour Club arrived on the 16th (the day before the pattern was released) and what a lovely package it was. Inside was a lovely skein of handspun yarn by NewHue Handspun called BamHuey Lace in a colourway called “Crystal”. It also arrived with a Woolen Rabbit Handcream that smells like basil and does an excellent job at softening up the hands. I brought it to work where it will get the most use as that is where my hands dry out the most due to all the glove changing.

The yarn is going to become a very beautiful half hexagon shawl. I haven’t completely decided my opinion about this yarn and think I will save it until after it has been blocked. And yes I know I am very behind in posting the finished products of the other months! Hopefully I will be playing catch up in the next few weeks.

Another package came in the mail this month that had nothing to do with the club but contained the yarn I ordered for Sean’s Whitfield Jacket. I’ve already cast on as I want to get a head start on all my presents for 2012. The yarn is Briar Rose’s Robusta that I mentioned earlier I had custom dyed by Chris. The yarn is scrumptious and the colour has gorgeous depth. It is going to be one very warm jacket.

The December Package

The Fall in Full Colour package for December had a little something extra special in it: Great Northern Yarns 70% Mink/20% Cashmere yarn in a colour called¬†Rhododendron (exclusive to the club of course). This is a yarn that I’ve heard a lot about but have yet to have a chance to try until now! I was so excited when it arrived. Also in the package where Unicorn Fibre Wash and Rinse samples. There are many interesting and delicious properties that make up this yarn but I will save sharing those for another day!¬†

The November Package

The Fall in Full Colour club packages have been consistently arriving a few days before the pattern release which has been a nice treat as I love pondering what the yarn is going to become. Last Monday the package arrived and contained a delicious skein of String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn’s DK Merino in the Corylus colourway which is a rich brown with gold flecks. There was also another little treat to be found in the package; a little brown box containing two delicious chocolates. The salted caramel had a wee bit too much salt for my tastes but the hazelnut was delectable!

The patterns are released in “chapters” and not only do you get the pattern but an explanation of her thought processes as to why this yarn, colour and pattern. This month’s offering has a pattern for two different cowls (aka neckwarmers). One is very pretty and feminine and the other is more unisex and utilitarian. I am making the unisex pattern but should have enough to make the more feminine one as well, though I am thinking that pattern would look very lovely in the skein of golden Lady Godiva I have.

I told Sean about the pattern first thing in the morning when I downloaded it because I thought he might like the unisex version of the cowls as he is in need of a scarf and a cowl would serve the same purpose but can be made in much less time. However he said he would never wear such a thing. Then comes later that day when I am printing out the pattern and he gets to see a picture of what I was trying to explain to him earlier on the male model and his response changed to “Oh I could wear that, you can make it for me if you like.” The cowl in the String Theory is mine but I told him if he bought a skein of yarn (I will even let him use my String Theory discount coupon) I will make him that neckwarmer.

The October Package

Yesterday my yarn for the Fall in Full Colour club arrived. I found the package sitting on the couch of my office when I got home from dinner with a good friend of mine.

It is Briar Rose Fibers’ Fourth of July which is 100% merino wool in aran weight in an unnamed exclusive colourway which is a rich orange with hints of muddy green/blue, yellow and burnt orange throughout (kind of like the leaves changing colour). I don’t know the name of the colourway as it is not written on the yarn label, perhaps I will find out when the pattern is released.

This is a much thicker yarn than we have seen so far in the club and I can’t wait to see what this is supposed to become!