Happy Birthday!

Today is Sean’s birthday and I will be making him Lemon Sponge Pudding. Here is a picture of him in his present.

This week I had a visit by a hawk on my apartment balcony. It was quite the experience and I was very glad to be able to get some pictures! Piper on the other hand was grateful when it flew away.

There will be some finished objects posted on the blog in the near future if you were wondering what happened to the knitting content.


It’s been busy…

Last weekend I finished blocking all the pieces of Sean’s Aran sweater (I really have to come up with a better name) and sewed them all together. Sean tried it on, of course I insisted he put a pillowcase over his head so he couldn’t see it. It fits lovely and sadly I can’t show the picture since he checks in on the blog. Before the long weekend ended I managed to pick up and knit the collar as well. There are just a few ends to weave in. I will have to save the finished post about this sweater until after Christmas.

Dad also came to visit last weekend and we went to the Royal Agricultural Fair. We didn’t enjoy it as much this year but we did see lot’s of animals including three chicks holding a little conference (they are so cute). I even got a picture of dad eating a salad at the pub afterward.
Last night I went to a Knitty Round Table at the Purple Purl. I got to try knitting with 5 different yarns and give my opinion on a form about each one. It was quite a fun experience and I got to try yarns that I might never would have bought to try. At the end they draw our number so we can win prizes which include some skeins of the yarns we ‘tasted’. I was lucky and was the first number picked, well actually my number jumped out of the bucket, so I got first pick of the prizes. I picked the luxury yarn we got to try which is a sock yarn containing cashmere!