Echo of Bells

Pattern: Echo of Bells by Anne Hanson as December’s Fall in Full Colour Club project

Made for: still unknown

Size: Tall

Yarn: Great Northern Yarns 70% Mink 30% cashmere yarn in Rhododendron

Needles: 3.5mm circulars

Started: Dec 24/11       Finished: Dec 31/11

This was the last project of 2011 that I officially finished as it was blocked on New Year’s eve.  This is a keyhole scarf which makes use of a small amount of luxury yarn. There is also a set of wristwarmer that go with the pattern and enough yarn leftover to make them.

This yarn is absolutely delicious but is a bit deceiving about it’s true nature. It doesn’t look all that special when you start working with it except that is unbelievably soft. But after a nice blocking it gets this beautiful halo of fuzz that is just sumptuous!

Frankie was kind enough to be the model for this project and was very good about not licking the yarn.


Fishbone Gansey Sock

Pattern: Fishbone Gansey Sock by Anne Hanson

Made for: Dad

Size: XL

Yarn: 1.18 skeins of Malibrigo Yarn Sock in Azules

Needles: 2mm dpns

Started: July 22/11       Finished: Dec 22/11

Modifications: The length of the leg is 9″ instead of the recommended 10″ (I got tired of knitting ribbing).

This was Dad’s 2011 xmas present. I ended up needing a second skein to finish these (it is what happens when your father not only is a size 11 foot but also has fat feet) and even though the skein was the same dye lot it looked very different than the first skein (it had more purple). Luckily I didn’t have to switch until the foot of the second sock so most people won’t even notice. As per usual Anne Hanson’s patterns are very enjoyable to knit with great instructions.

Malabrigo is my Dad’s favourite sock yarn even though it is not the most optimal choice for the feet. I have told him I am going to start looking at different sock yarns trying to find a nice balance between soft which he likes and durability which I like. Hey, if I am going to spend all this time knitting a huge pair of socks they better last for years is all I am saying.

The January Packages

The last package for the Fall in Full Colour Club arrived on the 16th (the day before the pattern was released) and what a lovely package it was. Inside was a lovely skein of handspun yarn by NewHue Handspun called BamHuey Lace in a colourway called “Crystal”. It also arrived with a Woolen Rabbit Handcream that smells like basil and does an excellent job at softening up the hands. I brought it to work where it will get the most use as that is where my hands dry out the most due to all the glove changing.

The yarn is going to become a very beautiful half hexagon shawl. I haven’t completely decided my opinion about this yarn and think I will save it until after it has been blocked. And yes I know I am very behind in posting the finished products of the other months! Hopefully I will be playing catch up in the next few weeks.

Another package came in the mail this month that had nothing to do with the club but contained the yarn I ordered for Sean’s Whitfield Jacket. I’ve already cast on as I want to get a head start on all my presents for 2012. The yarn is Briar Rose’s Robusta that I mentioned earlier I had custom dyed by Chris. The yarn is scrumptious and the colour has gorgeous depth. It is going to be one very warm jacket.

Backwards, Forwards

So last January I wrote about intentions since I don’t do resolutions. The first one was to clean up my projects and get better at completing them in a reasonable amount of time. I think I have improved upon this. I did frog a lot of projects during 2011 that I knew I was never going to complete and I have been keeping a reasonable number of projects on the needles, trying to finish one before starting another. I also believe I have gotten much better at finishing projects. The proof? I finished 23 projects in 2011 compared to the 12 in 2010 (which in itself was a big number at the time).

The other intention was to document all my stash in Ravlery. Mission was accomplished and to keep it up I have been adding the yarn to Ravelry as I purchase it.

This year my biggest intention is to have my three holiday gift projects done before November 1st. I have purchased the yarn for one last September and just need to start. The second one I have just completed a custom order with Briar Rose for some Robusta and Sean got to pick the colourway (Chris from Briar Rose is awesome) and I think I’m sure about the third but nothing is in cement yet.

And other than that I just plan to keep up on last years intentions since it worked out so well as not only am I a bit more organized and have more finished objects but I am happy with the results as well.